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Woah, were going to Barbados!


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Derby County have formed a partnership with the Barbados tourist authority.


The most important bit.......

[size=1][size=4]The relationship with Derby County should prove just as rewarding. Derby is the UK’s fastest-growing city and right in the middle of the country. Both facts are giving the BTA the chance to tell people, particularly in the Midlands, all about the island.[/size][/size]

[size=1][size=4]There’ll be a special Barbados theme at two of Derby’s home fixtures at the Pride Park stadium in March and April, with hotels and tour operators helping to showcase the island to sports-loving holidaymakers.[/size][/size]

[size=1][size=4]In summer 2013, the Derby squad will travel to Barbados for pre-season training and a series of warm-up matches. [/size][/size]

[size=1][size=4]Have they got any good players??[/size][size=4] [/size][/size]

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Have they got any good players??

You know our scouting network doesnt leave the British iles?

Theyve got some good talent in Barbados, like Rhianna for instance.

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I NEED to convince the missus that this is will be our holiday in 2013!

How much is it? Can I get tickets with a new mobile contract?

buymobiles got a great deal going atm, get a contract worth £30 a month and they'll sell you 2 bottles of suncream for the price of one and a half.
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You single Nick? You must have quite a lot of disposable income.


Married with two young boys!

You know when you take your wedding vows, well Derby County was mentioned in mine............................

I have alot of persuading to do but I will sort it!

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This sounds interesting, if they are willing to go all that way for pre-season next year, I wonder what they will do this year? The usual outposts in England such as Grimsby and Hereford? Or maybe Clough might see it as a benefit to go abroad to Spain, Portugal, Austria, etc?

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