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DCFC Ltd. Directors report and financial statement for year ending 30 June 2010


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Derby County Football Club Ltd FULL ACCOUNTS MADE UP TO 30/06/10

I have come across a 24-page statement of the acounts of the club. It sums up the boards commitments to the club, and how we stand financially. It gives the correct turnover, profits and losses in 2009 & 2010. Including figures that the board members were paid in fees, our income from TV, tickets, merchandise, and the money spent on players etc.

Its quite interesting really, but I'm not sure if its common knowledge or not.

If anybody is interested in viewing this PM me your e-mail and I'll send you a .pdf copy.

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question for Ramblur here - just seen that there has been this document lodged with Companies House last month

http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/images/com/treeStatementSC LATEST SOC 19/12/2011


What does this mean?

Was it DCFC? From memory only,that looks roughly like the capitalisation of DCFC-wouldn't bother downloading it though as all it will show is the individual shareholders of DCFC (ie Gellaw).We can't get investors' individual holdings from any of the UK registered companies.

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