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Alan Hansen On Motd Last Night

Shake n Bake

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First, have I spelt his surname correct?

Second, did anyone see this? People on twitter straight on the bandwagon calling for his head. Is this what its come to? People being accused of racism and ignorance for using the word coloured?

The term 'coloured' is deemed as wrong. Black people apparently should be referred to as black.

I thought the term 'coloured' was OK until I used it in idle conversation about a year back and was shot down. When I used to live in England about 10 years ago, the term 'coloured' was fine. But then again, so was the term 'half cast'. That is apparently wrong nowadays.

Just goes to show how quickly times change.

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Me!? I'm saying it's not racist!

Oh no, not you mate. I mean the people on twitter and the idiots with double standards.

Rappers (from the US!!) complain about oppression and say "black power" in loads of songs. That's allowed because...?

Alan Hansen, not a young lad, uses an outdated term that is somehow considered wrong and some ****** pretend to be offended.

How can people keep there temper?!

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FFS. Are people serious?

Feck off with your hypersensitive political correct ******.

Alan Hansen said nothing wrong.

Kanye West. Now THERE is a racist!!! But Black people can't be racist.

I wasn't aware that anyone had said he Hansen said anything wrong.

As far as I'm concerned a black is a coloured and a half cast. I'm not racist and if by using those terms then folks think I am than that is their problem. I don't even think the term golliwog is racist FFS. When I was a kid you saw it on the side of every jam jar in every supermarket.

It's times like this I'm glad I don't live in England anymore with it's ridiculous political correctness and having to watch what you say and who you say it too.

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The 'n' word is a term of endearment when it suits.

I'm fine with equality. So when is it going to be equal? You'd think black people are still being caught in nets the way some people (black and White) put them on some stupid morale pedestal.

I'm not racist (although I have some frowned on opinions about cultural clashes). But what if I make a rap album and say "White power"?

It would rightly be considered wrong. Where's the crack down on Kanye West? His insightful comments are a bit worse than Hansen

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Some idiots are 'offended' by Hansen's comments.

The same people would be outraged at "half-cast' and 'gollywog'

Half cast is now 'mixed race' in England anyway.

I know a black lad that would let you say whatever you want to him. It's how you mean it that would decide whether he launches at you or not.

Most people have the common sense to know how they mean it.

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I'd never call a black person by a 'proper' racist name; n.., c.., etc, but there is really no malice in people saying half cast or coloured.

I referred to someone as being half cast once, meant nothing by it at all, and got some right stuck for it.

Such a nanny state nowadays.

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Apparently 'coloured' isn't liked due to the fact it separates whites and everyone else.

We should probably ban every single adjective in the English language then as they all separate and divide so much.

Slip of the tongue by Hansen at the wrong time due to everyone being on their high horse over racist behaviour.


I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=54.684992,-5.992991

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It does seem to be a recurring problem in england, people are too often accused of being racist or racially abusing someone just for pointing out that someone is black. Racism is used as an excuse for a violent reaction or turning the blame on someone else at times.

The problem is the understanding of which words are politically incorrect. My grandad doesn't understand why he's told off for using the word 'paki' to described a pakistani. I was taught baba black sheep at school now its baba woolly sheep or some *****. Political correctness has gone mad.

Its wrong that it seems that only a white person can be accused of racism.

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