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Euro 2012 Live Group Draw


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In the rehearsal we drew France, Sweden and Poland..

I think it's fair the hosts don't have to qualify but having them as seeded teams is a joke..

I say to hell with seeds, 16 teams drawn into 4 groups.. If there is a group of death, so be it, adds to the competition.. Saying that it's still posible we could end up with Spain, Portugal and France..

My perfect group for us would be Holland, Croatia and Ireland.. One good team, one tester before a crunch game with Ireland

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Group A and D are poor.. We got lucky, Ukraine and Sweden won't be too difficul and France are abit out of sorts

We wouldn't have qualified from group B.. No way..

An group C looks stricky too, Croatia and Ireland are decent and Spain are the best..

Quarter finals to be Portugal, Germany, Russia, Greece, England, France, Spain and Croatia IMO

Holland and Italy to crash out early along with the hosts

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Just seen our first game is against France.. Lose that and the pressure is on..

One problem we always have when it comes to tournaments is we always draw an average group, and we limp to draws or bad wins giving us little momentum for the knockout rounds..

The amount of times we've gone into a big game like Germany 2010, Portugal 2006, 2004 etc.. Off the back of a poor group stage it really becomes difficult to fire ourselves up.. Who the hell is confident for a heayvweight after limping through with draws against the likes of Algeria or Sweden..

I'd have loved us to be in group C.. A clash with Spain and Ireland would have prepared us better for the knockout stages

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