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To all those collecting A Level results today...


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Please read the applicable paragraph below:

[sIZE=3]Congratulations[/sIZE] if you have achieved your target grades or even bettered them!

If you're going to university you will enjoy it so much but please remember to watch the pennies. The term 'penny pinching' will become your new best friend!

[sIZE=3]Commiserations[/sIZE] if you haven't achieved the grades you wanted to get into university or for whatever you wanted to do. Please remember that not going to university isn't the end all. Plenty of people have gone on to have very successful lives after failing to get grades they needed. Last thought of note, you aren't stuck with thousands of pounds worth of debt!!!

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Got my results for AS today which were rather disappointing, does anyone on here have any experience with resits? Do they get in the way of the actual A-levels at all?

I got a C, D, E in my AS, i resat two and got C's in both. They're fine as long as you can keep on top of them, depends on how many subjects you're doing as well.

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