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Transfer fee realities.


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A Stokie mate of mine tells me of the transfer fee negotiations that surrounded Kenwyn Jones' transfer from Sunderland to Stoke in August last year.

The fee was £8million, spread over 4 years.

Sunderland wanted him off the wage bill but Stoke would'nt match his salary.

Stoke negotiated that Sunderland gave Jones £2million (out of the £8m) as a sweetener to leave and accept a lower wage.

So Stoke effectively got him for £6m, spread over 4 years. The first payment of £2m is not due until August 2012 by which time they will have had two years out of him for no outlay (other than wages).

Its no relevance to us but, if true, is an interesting picture of what goes on behind the scenes.

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The relevance it does have for us is that it makes a complete mockery of people who like to sit down and tot up fees in and fees out and use whatever figure they come out with to slate whoever they feel like slating at that particular moment in time.

Spot on

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