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Grand National 2011


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Who are people fancying for the big one on Saturday?

I'm thinking Oscar Time or Silver by Nature (depending on the turf)

Pure lottery... so far got it down to 4 horses.

Midnight Club, Balabriggs, Backstage & Skippers brigg.

Ideally i only wanna bet on 2 or 3 max!

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Got State of Play in the sweep. Prob pick a couple of others for e/w bets in the morning.

Then, I'll go and queue up and put bets on for the missus, daughter and mother-in-law and really annoy regular punters with me 50p e/w bets on seperate slips;)

Then I'll be free to get down the Black Swan for a few pints before jumping on the mini bus to watch the mighty Rams smash Cov's back doors in.


[sIZE=1]stick it in the drunk thread Boycie[/sIZE]

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Arbor Supreme is closely matched to the favourite the Midnight Club and only finished a length behind it in their prep race for the National and the handicappers have taken off more weight so i fancy it at 20/1.

My other horse to keep an eye on is Becauseicouldntsee (pun intended :D)....very low down the weights and jumps for fun old school style (they've trained it over bigger jumps like the old national ones before they reduced their size!)

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