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Shear.....er Sucess?

PearTree Ram

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I think he'l bring sucess, not winning the league but making the club into a top half of the Premiership club again. His lack of manegerial experience means nothing, players like Michael Owen don't need to be managed they know how to play they just need motivating and Shearer will do that.

I think he'l stay on next season no matter what happens this season, if they go down it won't be his fault, if they stay up he'l be a hero.

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Originally posted by derbydan;7887

i think its a big mistake for him personally

Same here, i think he has been biding his time for the best moment to take over at St James's and has picked the worse, i know there desperately in need or something its not the best for his managerial career to start with such a tall order. Would of been much prettier when sitting mid table with a bit of money to splash about.

Having said that its a win win situation for Shearer, hes iconic on tyneside already and a big part of there club and its history. If they go down with him as manager hes still shearer and it was due to reasons before him that the team was relegated and if he keeps them up then he's every Geordie's wet dream (if he isnt already) lol.

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Shearer, if he wanted to save the club should have come in alot sooner.....

Forget his management abilities....

His presence would have lifted them anyway...

Wise got the boot....Shearer in, number 2 Dowie is it?

And he says, he wants the job till the end of the season then finished.

What's all that about....

Bet he ends up being the Sunderland manager next season. :confused:

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Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

By Phil McNulty

Chief football writer, at St James' Park


Alan Shearer could not prevent a third straight home defeat for Newcastle

Alan Shearer's return to Newcastle United ended in bitter disappointment as Chelsea outlined the size of the task awaiting the man brought back to St James' Park to navigate a route away from relegation.


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