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Sacked in the morning?


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Going down with a massive debt, should of been gone at Christmas to allow a new manager the chance to sort the squad out in January. Gibsons loyal to his managers always has been to loyal for his own good it seems in this case.

I think they will be joined by Stoke and West Brom in going down, although even if he manages to keep them up I think he'l be out of a job at the end of the season.

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Originally posted by PearTree Ram;6607

He'll stay, Gibson is a fine chairman...who will support the Southgate

Good Luck on their Survival i say....

Don't see how he can, the fans will want him out if they go down aswell. There must be a few after his head already? He's been there 3 years and gradually made them worse.

Can't remember the exact figure he has spent on transfers but it's a hell of alot and put Boro in massive debt, look Alfonso Alves for example, £8m was he? doesnt even get a regular starting place and he's the guy who was meant to get the goals.

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