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The Championship is a "great product, poorly marketed".


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Former West Brom chief executive Mark Jenkins says the club "had to get out" of the Championship - and has called for a "change in the structure" of the English Football League...West Brom return to the top flight two years after being relegated to the Championship and Jenkins told BBC Sport:

The Championship is a "great product, poorly marketed";

He is not in favour of salary caps and would prefer limits on squads instead;

Having club directors on the EFL board is a "conflict of interest";

Media deals are not good enough, making it "very difficult for football clubs to survive without owners putting money in".



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Everyone knows the TV deal is a complete joke and nothing about the EFL makes me think they’ll get the next one right. In fact, on current form I wouldn’t be surprised if they mucked it up even more.

If they don’t get the next deal right, I think a lot of clubs (including lower PL Clubs like WBA/Villa/Fulham, the sort who are EFL clubs just as often as they are PL clubs over the course of 10 or so years) need to consider radical action.

Obviously the TV deal should be better but everything else they seem to touch is a mess. FFP is a joke and the Wigan situation a complete shambles. It sounds so obnoxious but I think I’d take my chances with some sort of “Premier League 2” breakaway over the EFL.

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