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You wouldn't want to be a ball boy at this ground


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Singapore, Marina Bay. Made entirely of steel, the floating platform measures 390 feet long and 270 feet wide. It can bear up to 1,070 tonnes, equivalent to the total weight of 9,000 people, 200 tonnes of stage props and three 30-tonne military vehicles. The gallery at the stadium has a seating capacity of 30,000 people.



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It looks fun to play on with the sea next to you and the view of the skyline but the stand is too far away from the pitch. Though in a decade where television broadcasting is far more important than the live audience :):rolleyes: it may be popular. Also the anchor could be taken out and the pitch could tour the world. Whack it in the middle of the English channel so England and France have a neutral venue.

Though it is an idea that could be developed much further. Floating stadiums ...

Might solve Chelsea's problem of relocation to a new stadium if they whack the pitch in the Thames.

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haha no idea someone tried to burn it down last week tho lol :D

can you make sure they burn it down when they have that bloody,crappy,primetime saturday night tv series celebrity tw@ts on dancing or whatever the bloody things called.


no likey no lighty

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