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Forest fans pretending they're not hurt.


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Indicated by forums and my friends who support Forest, they are pretending to not be hurt by yesterday's events.

They're constantly reminding us that they're higher in the league than us (which they are) and they have some rusty metal pots in a glass locker (which they do).

However I heard one person say they don't care about Derby. They clearly do so why deny it?

They're hiding the fact that they feel very bitter.

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I'm sure had they beaten us we would of had them scratching at the door trying to get in and gloat. It's funny how they also don't care about Leicester, yet when they went to the City Ground it was one of a very few sell outs.

A bunch of poofs the lot of em, (except Bakeri666). To be fair I've read alot of comments from Forest fans (on Forest Mad) and it did hurt, they accepted we were the better team on the day, no excuses, no tantrums, so fair play to those. It was obvious not all of them could accept defeat so graciously, and I'm not even bothering to look at the other well known Forest forum as I can imagine what they are saying.

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Why would we be bothered? Derby is just a small town in Leicester?!

No but seriously it seems that on the day the better team, who wanted it more won and although i as much as i begrudge it Derby County and all their fans should take as much pride from this as possible by beating the form side and IMO the best team in this league.

However going back to the point of the thread, honestly i don't think Foresta are that bothered. Doesn't hurt nearly as much as the previous losses where we were admittedly struggling to stay up. However 12 months on and things have gone from good to better with each game. The win at the Hawthorns and Cohens goal being the highlight for me. We can hardly complain about how this year has gone and although im sure it was drowned out by the Derby faithful im sure the Forest fans at Pride Park applauded their team off at FT.

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