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adama traore gold coast utd.


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He can pass and run. If he ran around the field like that in our league he'd get his pants pulled down, out of position or what?

But has you seen him play? I don't mean on the box either, if not your opinion is tosh!


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Sign him up then blame Trigger........just a thought does Cloughie know that there are other countries beyond the English waters? could scupper the deal.

Send him down Marketon Park instead on a scouting mission, plenty of ball hoggers thinking there Kaka on a Sunday morning.

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trig is laughing his tits off at you lot!

that clip of him was over 3 years ago!

he can pass a ball like hudlestone can,

he can defend better than any we have , and his pace is electric

seriously 2 players from gold coast utd would walk in to derby 1st team ,

shane smeltz is the other one , he,s a kiwi international,

his record for gold coast is 18 goals in 18 games,

i know this league is pants compared to ours,

but trig cant wait to say I FOO KIN TOLD YOU SO!;)


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