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Favourite sport apart from Football ...


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Probably darts - although I loathe Phil Taylor with a passion.

Obviously, a brilliant player but he's just such a ********.

I used to play darts when I was younger, was quite good until I got contact lenses (honest!) and could see the board clearly, then became quite *****.:mad:

Can't stand cricket, takes too long.

Rugby just doesn't do it for me.

Just footy and darts then. Not bad for a wench.

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Originally posted by David;3312

Another one under the thumb, I won't mock you I have a thumb print on my forehead aswell, I have to behave otherwise she'l stop my pocket money.

haha well im single again now mate so its not so bad, i just lost interest in it tbh!, although i was sponsored and got things payed for me by companies for playing with there name in mine ingame!, could do it again now, but im liking just chilling out around work

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