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Harry Brown


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This film is out in two weeks. Looks like a good film worth seeing. From the trailer and music video it looks like a cross between Kidulthood and a western.

Basically about a retired marine (Michael Caine) whose friend gets murdered on a London council estate and goes out to avenge the murder himself.

Rapper Plan B is in the film as well as the Derby lad who was in Skins.



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Harry Brown was an awesome gritty film.

I'll recommend another 'revenge' type film i saw recently.. Its called 'The Horseman'. Australian film about a bloke who goes nuts after his daughter dies and he finds a tape of her in a seedy film being used and abused.

Dead Man Running, Hard Cash and Wartime in Winter are great films too i'd recommend.

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I saw a good revenge film. It featured a hitman called Rob.

He waited untill late on in the film to get revenge, set up by his mate Kris.

Robs boss also felt the kneed for revenge to, and got his chance for a crafty one.

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