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Champions League Winners

Chris Mills

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After speaking to my friend the other day, it hit me that we actually have 2 Champions League winning players in our squad.

Warnock appeared in several round of Liverpools famous Champions League win in 2005, however, failed to make the match day squad for the Final despite being in the squad for every other round. Warnock describes this as the lowest point in his career as there were not enough medals to go round everyone and he failed to get one, stating that it took the summer to get over that. Feel awful for the lad as he contributed that season to them reaching that point including a start in the round of 16 vs Leverkusen and a place on the bench in the semi final.

Carson was on the bench or starting for every round of the competition and made a start in the quarter final vs Juventus in a 2-1 win at Anfield, an impressive feat and will have got a medal sat at home probably with dust on it in a box somewhere after being on the bench in possibly the greatest Champions League win of all time.

Struggling to think of many other Championship clubs with Champ League winners in the squad, let alone 2 and let alone one of which not making the bench recently!

Can anyone name any other winners in the league?

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Just now, Chris Mills said:

Didn't know that! Bet there are a few out there, just can't think of them.

Chelsea had him as the number 2 has a europa league winners medal... There are some right frauds out there with champions league winners medals think jonathan greening got one with united in 99 and david may 

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