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Ups and downs...


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Been sat reading posts on here and also on Twitter and can only describe the last month or so as a rollercoaster!

Prior to Christmas we were top of the world, players performing, free scarves, free drinks, talk of thrashing Man Utd and potentially winning the FA cup (:whistle:), top 2 in the league, new signings....etc etc.

Fast forward to today..... 2 points from 9, 3rd in the league, (and according to some, we are dropping like a stone), one of the worst performances I have seen (Reading), £35 FA cup tickets, loss of form from key players....etc etc

What was that saying again.....It's a funny old game!

I wonder what the next few weeks have in store for us?!?!!?

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I'd like to think a calm, efficient 2-0 win over Brum would put the smile back on everyone's faces but with the current level of moaning I think only an 8-0 thrashing, with two a piece for Martin, Blackman, Ince & Camara and playing the last 15 minutes in ole' mode will put the merest smirk back on a lot of peoples mugs...

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