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Christmas Presents

eccles the ram

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As it is the season for presents I was wondering what would be in the players/manager/owner's stockings tomorrow?

Here are a few suggestions:

BOTH GOAL KEEPERS: Noughts and crosses book. This reminds them of how many clean sheets we have had but watch out for the crosses.

KEOGH: Sunglasses.

WARNOCK: Crunchie.

JR: Beard Trimmer.

BUTTERFIELD: Change of name to something like SAVAGE; BITZURLEGS

BENT: Combe

MARTIN: Anything he wants Okay!

MM: Bigger trophy cabinet.

PC: £25 million to spend on new players when we are in Premiership next season.

Further afield:

VAN DE GAAL: Marmite.

MOURHINO: A to Z of Manchester.

DOUGHIE FREEDMAN: Monopoly - Can't play with real money can he?

GUMPS: Deep Heat. For their sore necks looking up the table at us!

Im sure you have other  numerous suggestions . Be interested to know what you think?


Have had worst year ever with family illnesses so looking forward to an emotional and promotional New Year. Happy Christmas. COYR

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Sorry to hear on the family front Eccles, same at this end...... got my dad in Queens Med at the moment, 82 and it will be the first Boxing Day hone match he's missed since 1946....   Just hope we get a fantastic result to cheer him up, that's the only present he wants he says

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