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Post on the Derby Telegraph website..



IT is obvious that at times the Rams lack confidence.


At no time was it more evident than during the Wigan home match.


Isn't it about time that Steve McClaren stopped praising the opposition and took a leaf out of Brian Clough's book?


His gift was to convince his players that they were capable of beating any opposition.


He never talked about them in the dressing room before the game, on the training ground or at half time in a way that might instil nervousness.





I believe its just our loving Steve giving teams praise and alerting our team - I would rather him say what he did about Huddersfield saying they can score goals and alerting our team rather than "they couldnt score in a brothel" team talk and sending our lads out thinking this will be a breeze!

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Simplistic - and basically it reads as though it's criticism for criticism's sake.


Steve McClaren is not Clough (either Brian or Nigel) - and he has his own way of doing things.

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Giving credit to opponent is nothing away from our team. Actually it's very effective team talk without keeping one; beat them and you're even better. That's how you create "feel good factor", rise confidence and morale.


Surely it's mostly part of Mac's gentleman like behaviour but there's hell of a lot of group handling psychology in there too.

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One of the dumbest quotes I ever saw: we lack confidence because we say nice things about the opposition? wtf sort of asinine logic is that ?


We don't know what he's saying to the team behind closed doors (and i doubt Mac is banging on about how good every other team is). Everything points to the very opposite: that we ooze confidence in our ability as individuals and team.

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