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Boreham Wood FC player caught short


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Carlisle United's FA Cup opponents Boreham Wood have hit back at suggestions their players urinated on the floor of their dressing room at Brunton Park - blaming the mess on spilt orange juice.

The non-league club insist it is "beyond belief" that any of their players left pools of urine to be cleared up by the Blues following Carlisle's stormy 2-1 victory.

They instead claim that defender Mark Jones "lashed out" at a large orange juice container, sending the liquid onto the floor and over a kitbag.

The Skrill Conference South outfit have blamed Carlisle, including midfielder Liam Noble, for "goading" their players after Mark Beck's injury-time winner both on the pitch and on the way to the dressing-rooms.

But they have not commented on suggestions from United that they also damaged the home dressing-room door, and left a large teapot wedged in a urinal.

Sources at Carlisle remain adamant that it was urine that their youth team players had to mop up after Boreham Wood had left Brunton Park.

And the Blues have confirmed to the News & Star that an official complaint has been lodged both with Boreham Wood and the FA over the alleged dressing-room antics.

Accompanying evidence, including photographs, have also been provided.

In a statement, Boreham Wood said: "The club have been made aware of an allegation that a player urinated in our dressing room after last night's FA Cup match against Carlisle United. The club finds this story laughable if it was not so serious & completely and utterly denies this allegation. For the reasons as follows:

"In the 95th minute Carlisle scored the winning goal in our FA Cup tie, at which point Carlisle United’s Lee [sic] Noble began goading the Boreham Wood players, by waving in their faces and followed it with expletives that ended **** off home to London etc. This also continued after the final whistle and whilst the Boreham Wood players were walking back to their dressing room.

"On entering our dressing room after the game a Boreham Wood player, in temper lashed out and at our orange juice container which went all over the floor and across our kit bag. The player in question was Mark Jones, who has apologised for his actions but to suggest that our orange juice container is urine is beyond belief.

"Unfortunately the behaviour of the Carlisle players in goading our players, after they had suffered heart breaking defeat was clearly the reason for Marks actions. However Boreham Wood Football Club would not disrespect the Carlisle board or fans, who over the two ties clearly gave our players far more credit than the Carlisle dressing room, and the appreciation shown by the Carlisle fans in giving our boys a standing ovation will long live in the memory. As our players are after all non-league lads who now go back to their day jobs.

"Finally can we thank our supporters for travelling to Carlisle , your support meant everything and this sideshow must not take away the efforts of you the fans and our players efforts last night… and for people to suggest otherwise is sad."

The game had ended with angry confrontations between rival players following Beck’s 95th-minute winner.

After the game, United's media officer Andy Hall said: “Initial reports suggest that some of the players or people connected with Boreham Wood have kicked in the home dressing-room door – there is damage – and some other stuff has gone on in the away dressing-room.

“The youth-team have been cleaning up some not very nice stuff. For it to be left in that state isn’t nice.

“We don’t want to point the finger too quickly, as we have to do a full investigation, and we will take it from there.”



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