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you can only keep 5 of everything.


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A few years ago, I got burgled and it crushed me, lost my whole CD collection, DVDs, Xbox Games, and lots of other stuff.


The odd thing was, the burglar(s) left me one of everything. They left one CD, one DVD, one VHS tape, one speaker (wtf!), one TV!, one (Simpsons) slipper...


If you was going to lose all of your material possessions, but were allowed to keep 5 DVDs, 5 CDs and 5 books, and you could NEVER replace the others, that was the extent of your collection for the rest of your life, what would they be?



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5 DVDs

The Game

Full Metal Jacket


The Rainmaker

Layer Cake


5 CDs

Best of Marvin Gaye

The Stone Roses

Let the Music Play (80s disco compilation)

Steve Wonder - Innervisions

Paul Weller - Stanley Road


5 Books

John Grisham - The Litigators

Ross Kemp - Gangs

Gareth Icke - How not to be a Rock Star (cos he's my friend!)

Berry Gordy - To be Loved

Jimmy Cryans - Once upon a crime.

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Top Gun

Die Hard 1

Die Hard Die Harder

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Bourne Ultimatum

Oasis Time Flies 94-09

Fratellis - Costello Music

Athlete - Wires

Black Lace - Greatest Hits

Gatecrasher - Wet

I'am Legend

Joseph Finder - Paranoia

Gazza - My Story

Paul Neilan - Apathy

Adam Baker - Outpost

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Can I be cheeky and count boxsets as one DVD? And can they be Blu-Ray's? (he says immediately after commenting on the poverty thread).


boxset if it's packaged in a box, yes, and blurays or dvds, or mixed yes.

Feckin moving the goalposts, my updated DVD list will be up shortly

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Family Guy boxset
Nolans Batman Trilogy
I'd pick Shawshank Redemption, but it's on TV every month - lol - do I still have my aerial?
Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny (seriously, I can watch that over and over and not get bored).
Battlestar Galactica Complete collection


Greatest Hits CD for each of:
Savage Garden.
Beautiful South & Housemartins (Joint CD).
Amy MacDonald (okay, she doesn't have a best of yet, but one will come).
Billy Joel.


Books (this'll be the hardest one):
Lord of the Rings (I may as well have something lengthy).
Tony Hawks Playing the Moldovans at Tennis.
Danny Wallace: Yes Man.
Tony Cascarino: I think it's called Half Time / Full Time, possibly the best football autobiograpgy I've read.
Star Trek DS9: Millenium (technically 3 books, but all part of the same story)

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I'll start with Dvd's. There's too many to list tbh.

Lord of the rings boxset

Halloween H20

Lethal Weapon boxset


Die Hards except the new one, it's not that good.


Queen Greatest hits 1,2 & 3. Box set

Michael Jackson, History

Gladiator soundtrack

Braveheart soundtrack

Bee Gees greatest hits


Every word Jackie Collins has ever wrote ( my collection can't be split into Top 5.

Ruth Appleby by Elvi Rhodes

Nigellas Christmas

Delia at Christmas

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DVD'sBattle of BritainTop GunDambustersMemphis BelleRed Arrows - the best bitsBooksHistory of the red arrowsAircraft of WWIIReach for Sky ( the Douglas Bader Story)The Concorde StoryThe Spitfire StoryCDs. I don't do music CDs.


Then again I should have expected it from you :p

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so people are opting to keep CDs that they don't actually own yet?!?! how does that work, does the burglar drop stuff off where you live?

So it's a different scenario to the desert island collection? Damn! - lol


I'd have to re-evaluate my list. Can the burglar just leave me my hard drive? I'm trading 10 items for 1?

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Page 1 and the cheating already started, not sure what you expected from this lot.

5 books and ladyram picked 30+ :lol:

Told yer, not possible to split em. One series has got 9 books in it anyway.
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