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Ben Scott


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Lazy linker!! The thread would have loads more views had you put a better title as well.


Anyway, what a guy.


(not you Mo55y)



A non-league keeper helped bring a fan back from the dead... seconds after he was sent off for a bad tackle.

Ben Scott plays for Stocksbridge Park Steels but he was shown red at last weekend's match away to King's Lynn Town for a 'high foot'.

But just as he was marching to an early shower in the 90th minute - Ben was called to help out after a King's Lynn fan in his 70s had a suspected heart attack.

The 29-year-old keeper, who is also a staff nurse, came to the aid of the St John Ambulance team, who stabilised the man.

He said: "I started walking off the field, getting a nice bit of abuse as you do, when I noticed a young girl running past me.

"She said, 'a gentleman's died', so I followed her into the crowd and came across the gentleman on the floor.

"His heart was in an irregular rhythm."

Club operations manager, Dean Cefferty, told Mirror Online he ran for the defibrillator while the team, including Ben, tried to stabilise the fan.

He said: "It was hectic - he went and felt the man's pulse while I ran to get a defibrillator and some oxygen.

"The fan had actually died and both him and St John Ambulance helped bring him back to life."

Dean said: "Ben is the joker of the group and he is a firm fans' favourite but luckily he is always there to help out - both on and off the pitch."

The game between Stocksbridge and King's Lynn finished up 3-3.

Ben added: "It does put things into perspective - you do realise that football is only a game."


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It seems if you practice medicine, you go into crisis mode. I remember a guy collapsing on the way to the ground near Toys R Us on the way to the match. He'd had a heart attack and no pulse, but we happened to be there at the same time and my wife (a doctor) took over and managed to get him back and packed off to hospital when the ambulance finally made it.

He survived and regained consciousness, but died a couple of days later. His widow wrote her a letter to say how thankful she was that she and her son had those two days which helped them come to terms with it, otherwise it would have been a case of him going to the match and never returning.

Very sad overall, but I remain very proud of her on that day...

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