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Text 'chav' talk gone too far!


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I thought IRL had something to do with the Taxman. Then I realised that was the IRS. God I'm dense sometimes...

Anyhow, I can't be doing with text speak, it's irritating and making the whole nation (except me :p) bone idle.

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I've just been called a spaz for asking what some tool meant when they said 'IRL', now if this makes me a spaz then I hold my hands up to being a complete and utter spaz, you can abuse me as much as you want and I will take it.

Now I might be getting on abit but I like to think I'm still hip and can be down with the kids with the text talk but sorry this is toooo far kids.

I can understand it when you take one or 2 letters out of each word I can handle that, but using just the first letters of 3 words and you expect people to understand what the hell your talking about?, too far tooooo far!.

What next? a full paragraph with just the first letter of each word?

Rant over.

(If you are wondering, 'IRL' means 'in real life')

Here is the "CHAVS" relatives,from a few years back.


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