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Have we over complicated things?


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Has anyone been watching the Human Planet series on BBC 4? Every time I watch it I can't even get up to put t' kettle on...

Anyway this is the one I watched the other night -


One part got me thinking (around 37:00) These Suri people have got it pretty much worked out, they live off the land, protect their tribe and belongings. They fight the next village with big sticks and if you win Donga the babes are yours, that lad won two and he was a hero!

I'm seriously considering it.

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I suppose the lifestyle is similar to living in Longton but think about it... It's what we're meant for, hunting, gathering, sausageting your enemies with sticks, eating meat and shagging.

We're doing it all wrong! We like shopping in glass warehouses, having meals in 'posh' places, driving nice cars all whilst worrying about letters, bosses, wags and Derby County. I give up Utch, might watch Zulu tomorrow.

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