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  1. MASSIVE RELIEF - nothing more and nothing less. I wish that Waggy would perform like this every week! The road ahead is obviously going to be long and rocky. COYR!!
  2. My heart says DCFC 1 - 0 SWFC FRGS Lawrence BUT my head says: Derby County 1 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday FRGS Lawrence Que sera sera
  3. Rabid - "Jubilee City" - obviously about the jewel of the Midlands and Sadler Gate is named checked in the song's lyrics. As I recall Martin Roper of Anti-Pasti wrote the song then gave it to Rabid.
  4. He did promise to take us out of the Championship...
  5. We need Chris Wilder and his coaching team, who hopefully will have the same impact as Arthur Cox had back in the day...Rooney, Rosenior, Given and Walker out!!
  6. I'd definitely agree and to put it bluntly (and I had great hopes of Buchanan) I would not wanted to have been standing with them in the trenches.
  7. I really wanted Rooney to succeed but after today's performance I've completely lost faith... A spineless performance coupled with extremely poor tactics. Rooney needs to go and we definitely need to try and get Wilder (whatever division we're in come next August)...a wholesale clear-out is required - the majority of the first team squad are sadly not good enough. What a shambles and I've not even mentioned the putative takeover.
  8. Swansea City 0 - 1 Derby County FRGS Knight
  9. Derby County 1 - 0 Norwich City FRGS Lawrence
  10. Derby County 5 - 0 Luton Town FRGS Roger Davies erm...actually Sibley
  11. Stoke City 0 - 1 Derby County FRGS Shinnie
  12. Derby County 1 - 0 Brentford FRGS Kazim-Richards
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