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  1. dose anyone no if he still with the club?
  2. not heard a thing not playing for u23s. anyone no anything or have I missed something?
  3. I heard he as gone next the mac
  4. who next in the hot seat? for me i can see him leaving and would not blame him. think we can tell alot after todays game. what a hard job it is god knows who would be in the running. more to the point how makes the choice MEL?
  5. broken to be fair and numb. down this year and with 2 year transfer ban down again. need someone take over
  6. looks decent let's hope he signs. gets few u21 games. we sort this mess out so he can play for the first team.. strong lad just what we need with CKR out
  7. sadly with 12 points with our team we will go down more then likely. so let's get a team for L1 and get took over
  8. sadly we have nothing up top. I feel that will be our diwn fall. take last night if we do we could have nicked it
  9. RYRAM

    Emil Riis Jakobsen

    always liked him was shocked when he went
  10. just take points off us already how long can this go on for?
  11. so played today for U23 ex Swansea player looked strong help ball up well won and converted a pen. if we can sign for the first team the club do deem to be trying to fill our under 23s. he seem decent to be fair..
  12. young lad come from Rangers. maybe got a chance of first team football be the situation we are in
  13. I understand we don't want him going and to forest but 20 mill i would drive him down to the city ground myself lol
  14. we all know we need players and defo CBs. let's say we can't sort this mess out znd can't get any players in whats our back line going to be? our team even...
  15. Andy Carol on a free? defo been let go so...
  16. could he be playing on sat? another new face that we cant sign please sort this out. in terms of our none existing back line joking apart who do we play at the moment has it stands? FOZZY and......
  17. cant wait for the take over from USA then the 11 new players coming in what a day..... alarm goes off lol
  18. Never simple. I work everyother weekend but I still have a season ticket have from when I was 10 37 now. and when my kids are old enough they will be coming. you don't choose a club you are given one
  19. fair point mate. slways liked Carol so maybe. get the crosses in ibe. here's hoping
  20. I have heard ( no fact on this at all) that Andy Carol is joining us for pre season?? anyone no anymore ie photo evidence lol maybe similar to CKR situation
  21. fair plsy to the kad I hope he bangs them in
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