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    Deej reacted to DCFClks in Rooney In!   
    Considering Rotherham seem to be our main rivals this season, how many of there players would you actually put in our team? 1 or 2 if that? There squads so bad they were even happy to take Jozefzoon of us.
    Does this not suggest that we should at least be above Rotherham's level? does this not suggest that either the players aren't playing to there ability? or (more likely in my opinion) the coaches aren't getting the best out of them?
  2. Clap
    Deej reacted to GboroRam in Rooney In!   
    I'm sure every club in the division can point to injuries and bad decisions that cost them points. We aren't where we are now because of a few bad bits of luck. 
  3. Clap
    Deej reacted to superzak in Relegation watch   
    By the Sheffield wed game of course we could already be relegated...I always think we will escape by the skin of our teeth...this time I'm not so sure.
  4. Like
    Deej reacted to Rampage in Relegation watch   
    4 points from 11 games is not a blip. We are relegation material. We need Rotherham to lose three in a row, which is not going to happen. Other teams with players not as good as ours on paper are doing better than us. 
  5. Haha
    Deej reacted to GrimsbyRam in Relegation watch   
    haha you sound like the captain of the titanic after hitting the iceberg!
  6. Clap
    Deej reacted to Nuwtfly in Relegation watch   
    Hiring a rookie manager in a season like this one was our big mistake. One roll of the dice too many from Mel Morris and it’s coming back to bite us. It’s the reason we are where we are. Whether we go down or not; hiring Wayne Rooney was the wrong decision.
    Fantastic playing career, sensational player, worked with some of the best managers of all time and I don’t buy the idea for one second that he isn’t smart. 
    But the reality is that nothing in his playing career has prepared him for a scrap at the battle of the Championship. This is a person who has known nothing but success in his career. Why he is even at this club in the first place is something but a mystery to me...unless of course you give credence to the idea that he was promised to inherit the reigns from Cocu...
    The blame for all of this lies at door of the person who hired him. 
  7. Clap
    Deej reacted to Diego in Rooney Out!   
    If we go down, I would like us to go for Hasselbaink or Alex Neil. 
    No way Rooney will stick around in L1.
    He's in it for himself. I don't think he really is that bothered whether he takes us down or not. 
    If we stay up and he has us top 6 by October, he'll only go to the first available Prem job. 
    Ban these Hollywood managerial appointments. We've been there and done that now. 
  8. Clap
    Deej reacted to Eatonram in Rooney Out!   
    sort of true but perhaps putting our biggest centre half next to their biggest attacker could help?
  9. Clap
    Deej reacted to LeedsCityRam in Would a spell in League One actually be a good thing?   
    From a humiliation & financial point of view, I couldn't ever see relegation to League One as a good thing.
    However if we do go down, we have to make the best of it & see it as a much needed opportunity for a reset. Our greatest assets seem to be our young players & I would clear the decks of any established players on large wages.
    Goes without saying, Rooney should 100% go if we go down to cleanse this club of the celebrity obsession it has remorsely chased since 2015. No more Billy bigtime or quick fixes. A young & hungry manager (with a good record elsewhere) and a young & hungry squad is what this club needs...I'd just rather it was in the Championship.
  10. Clap
    Deej reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Would a spell in League One actually be a good thing?   
    It might at least make Rooney feck off
  11. Clap
    Deej reacted to Leeds Ram in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    First half the tactics were generally right yes I agree and said as much in this thread. The alternating of the front 4 and attacking fluidity meant that Blackburn really struggled to cope with us. I remember 1 chance for CKR with the header but not the second 'big chance' that he had? When he was brought on that attacking fluidity lost its sharpness and Blackburn looked far more comfortable dealing with us. We became far more one dimensional in an attacking sense and it seemed to suit them better. Apart from our last 5 minute heave to try and get something that we always do, we largely seemed to fizzle out in the second half in an attacking sense. 
    Defending set pieces is a serious issue for us that points to poor coaching, the past 4 games (Luton, Reading, Norwich and Blackburn) we've given up at least 1 (oftentimes 2 or more) clear cut chance to the opposition. That points to set pieces structurally being a problem for us rather than individual errors. I even pointed this out after the Norwich game that our defending of set pieces was going to get punished eventually. Why I can see it but apparently the coaching staff cannot is an absolute mystery to me. 

    The second half points to a serious problem for us- the inability to play attacking football without being left completely overexposed at the back. Armstrong alone had 4 guilt edge chances second half and no they weren't all the result of individual errors but are largely a result of the team being structurally unbalanced. Rooney hasn't really fixed this- i think overlapping with both full backs and pushing the midfield on so much leads to our cb's being left completely overexposed. We can't leave our guys 1 vs 1 with opponents attackers as eventually they'll make an error- tactics can't eliminate errors but if you've got average championship cb's then you need to mitigate the risk of an error occurring which is something we're not doing. 
  12. Clap
    Deej reacted to Ravabeerbelly in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    If you think that league 1 is a better place to blood kids you will be sadly mistaken.  
    People have to get away from the idea that  technically gifted players who have looked ok in the championship will logically find dropping down to league 1 or in turn league 2 will find it easier or shine more due to the drop in standard. 
    Players like like the youngsters we have will find league 1 impossible. They will be eaten up and find that that type of football ruthlessly exposes every weakness that have, every part of the game they find tough and every attribute they didn’t need in U23s football and Championship football will be required! 
    The ball starts in the air and stays there. Games are a millions miles an hour of blood and thunder and physical attrition. No one puts their foot on the ball and passes it and if anyone try’s it’s often done on poor pitches with someone’s size 9 up their backside or raking down their calves. 
    I honestly believe it is easier for technically gifted players to cope with life in the Championship than it is in league 1 and 2.
  13. Clap
    Deej reacted to Gaspode in Rooney in or out poll (again)   
    Not a bad shout - I certaainly think we'll need to be looking for someone with recent experience of managing at that level - fancy football and grand ideas will get us nowhere in League One....
  14. Clap
    Deej reacted to LeedsCityRam in Blackburn v Derby Match Ratings. Deadline Noon Saturday   
    Marshall 7 - some excellent saves but should have done better with their winner
    Byrne 7 - usual excellent forays down the right. Positionally was caught out a lot & that exposed Wisdom more than we needed
    Forsyth 5 - not great. Often looked very ponderous on the ball & slowed the tempo of breaks on a few occasions. 
    Wisdom 4 - very poor. Worst moment obviously his slip that led to their winner but struggled horribly all game with Armstrong's movement and balls over his head
    Clarke 5 - better than Wisdom (mostly aerially) but not by much. Accept he's probably not fit but struggled to get close to their forward men
    Bird 9 MOM - excellent. Defensively, won loads of second balls & made plenty of tackles/interceptions. Saved us from conceding a 3rd with great last man cover. Oozed quality in possession both controlling tempo with quick short passing & some great forward balls into front men
    Shinnie 8 - very good tonight. Got about the pitch, ratting possession, drawing free kicks & supporting the front men. Great ball to Lawrence for the goal
    Roberts 7 - so good but without end product. Bright from the off & nearly scored an astonishing goal by beating 3 men before losing his footing. Just always takes one too many touches.
    Sibley 5 - below par I thought. Again lost the ball too easily & didnt get involved enough. Did have one excellent effort first half that was well saved but other than one great tackle shortly before he was subbed, was anonymous
    Jozwiak 6 - wrong option every time & its so frustrating to watch. Great movement, great at retaining possession, beats men but just no end product at all
    Lawrence 6 - the good, the goal & free kick. The bad, that pathetic attempt to mark Gallagher for their goal and numerous poor decisions when breaking on them esp second half
  15. Like
    Deej reacted to Leeds Ram in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    not creating a balanced team is a tactical issue- he's got both full-backs and centre mids pushing way too far forwards when he puts us as an attacking outfit. This is leaving the cb's over exposed, so much so a blind man could see it and it's got nothing to do with personnel. All it's taking is one long ball in the right place and they struggle to cope, my guess it he hopes to create a 'cage' where the opposition can't break out and this might work if you played with Man Utd and not Derby where you have Fedinand and Vidic- not Clarke and Wisdom. 
  16. Clap
    Deej reacted to Leeds Ram in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    If i could chuck Rooney out of Pride Park right now I would- we've picked up 8 points from the last 12 games and he cost us this game i think with his substitutions breaking up our attacking fluidity and adding to our defensive weaknesses. If any other manager had this record far more people would be wanting to put his professional head on a spike. I actually can't remember the last time we performed not for 40 minutes or 50 minutes but for 90 minutes of a game? This is why we're near the bottom- we've given half performances all season long including today. Despite the attacking prowess of the first half we could have easily conceded 4 in the second and the fact we are hoping for a draw against a team who was next to us as bottom in the form table speaks volumes. 

     I do think we have the talent to stay up but I doubt we have the hunger, discipline or tactical aptitude to do so. This ridiculous obsession with big time wannabe managers has led us to this point of staring relegation in the face and hoping rotherham can't win a game.  His idiotic comments about survival being a certainty (when we're sitting 4 points above the drop) and only when stoke came around did he acknowledge we were in a relegation battle speaks volumes about his arrogance, ineptitude, and inexperience in this job.  How can anyone seriously defend this with a straight face? If it wasn't happening to Derby it'd be laughable instead it's simple terrifying. 
  17. Like
    Deej reacted to Leeds Ram in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    He's had this problem all season- it's a tactical issue not one of personnel 
  18. Like
    Deej reacted to Chester40 in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Now I know you are on the wind up. 1 win in 11 with plenty of winnable games, negative mentality and some baffling selections. Last few games have been slightly improved which is almost more worrying as it feels like we just can't get it right no matter what. 
  19. Clap
    Deej reacted to Andicis in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    It was 11 games by the way. He was about to get a fit Bielik back, and in hindsight had a pretty tough run of fixtures to start with. Your biases are so extreme, that's what I find funny. 
  20. Haha
    Deej reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    No I think that was Cocu because he'd sold all the strikers. 
    Or something. 
    It's all his fault anyway as others keep asserting. 🤣
  21. Clap
    Deej reacted to AbuDerbyDave in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Can’t understand this reasoning. Got a 6ft 7 man in box & we’re zonal marking 🤷‍♂️
  22. Like
    Deej reacted to Andicis in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    You were hugely critical of Cocu who finished 10th place with this squad. You simply  do not get to demand fans are patient with Rooney because you like him, when he's currently trying to relegate a squad Cocu got 10th. Of all posters, you were by far the most vocal anti Cocu voice on here, yet seem to be completely fine with Rooney who has us 21st and with half of the goals. It's baffling. 
  23. Clap
    Deej reacted to Andicis in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    You thought we should be storming the league last season under Cocu and were unhappy with a 10th place finish. A huge amount of cognitive dissonance going on here. 
  24. Clap
    Deej reacted to Ramarena in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Yep he’s a very good player and clearly made a big difference.
    That said we still managed 3 wins 1 draw and 2 defeats in the 6 games after his injury.
    So they were able to do it without him.
    My point is the players aren’t as useless as some people are trying to portray!
  25. Clap
    Deej reacted to Andicis in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    You're right, I would. Because we don't hold leads very well in recent weeks. The problem is, our attacking just isn't good enough. Not today, over the full season. I'd say that's down to how we've set up all year, rather than the players. 
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