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  1. BagRam

    Jon Toral

    Question is will I ever be right
  2. BagRam

    Jon Toral

    Jon Toral at PP with Mel today, close to signing
  3. No player names- 1 at least in before next week. I can’t be sure but I’m hoping. The person who told me got the third kit correct so that’s why I’ve shared it, even knowing I’d get abused 😀
  4. https://twitter.com/eredivisiemike/status/1154711423693594624?s=21 Cocu ruling out the chance of signing anyone form Psv
  5. Fair enough, tbh I’m not fussed about opinions on if I’m itk or not. Happily I’m not but just been told something and we shall see😮
  6. Not my place to say anything mate, we’ll be fine they’ll be signings defo, youth is key aswell. So much negativity around atm, I’m confident for this season if I’m honest
  7. Maybe, not saying much now though, tomorrow morning should know more 👍
  8. Let’s see what tomorrow brings
  9. It’s a video off Luton’s twitter mate, hard to get a good photo from it 👍
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