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  1. He’s gone mate, just not officially announced by both clubs 👍
  2. Rangers Away then, sounds a good away day to me
  3. Posted at start of week about the mews I was told about Mel telling a mate lampard would be gone by end of week, looking likely 😰😰
  4. Hate to say it, this account on twitter knows it’s stuff, this has got me extremely worried
  5. Well, originally I was told by a mate who meets an academy scout every so often so it became pretty clear- the scout is academy so mainly academy news but I’ll keep updated if I hear anything else, he’s meeting next week. To confirm this I spoke to a mate of mine who plays for the academy at the same age group. I will try to get some first team news form the scout but no promises 👍
  6. Aah right I’m brand new to this wouldn’t have a clue 😂
  7. What have I got to do with henri Lansbury
  8. I broke this story on Twitter the other day, he’s currently just finalising terms expect to be done very soon, £1.2 million
  9. Spoke to a teammate of his, he says he thinks he will struggle at city and his best choice would’ve been at Derby.
  10. This is worrying if true, Lampard will be heavily persuaded by Chelsea no doubt if there has been formal contact
  11. Just an update on Delap to city- told him and city are just finalising terms. After speaking to a teammate at Derby, he has confirmed the deal to be worth £1.2 million. Delap rejected a scholar at Derby for a pro contract at city ( fairly understandable)
  12. No mate that’s from a Barnsley fan off Twitter
  13. BagRam

    Todd Kane

    I remember Kane playing pretty decent against us at hull away and he even scored, for free I personally wouldn’t complain
  14. Yeah certainly not done yet, gloucestershire live getting ahead of themselves as usual
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