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  1. Wow, how people can blame him for losing us the game is a joke. Byrne, Sibley, Forsyth and a few others all made mistakes for 1 goal or both. I wouldn't be interested in the club if I got slated every game and I bleed black and white!
  2. I don't get this, he isn't the same type of player as these 2.
  3. The little flicks and 1-2's during this match were much better, it helped him having players around him. Hope he can build on this as I rate him, you can 100% see a player he just needs to release it more often. Hope the fans can help him
  4. I agree there is a lot of negative stuff around the club right now, I just think as fans we don't need to add un-needed negative stuff. Don't be happy clappers or doom merchants be in the middle ūü§£ūü§£
  5. I like all of them apart from the adidas ones, some times less is better. Ive also liked all of our kits this season and last season
  6. I'm sure Falcao has also had 3 ACL injuries and been ok. I think Pires also had multiple ACL injuries. So I agree with Duracell, its not the end for Bielik. Why do people have to be so negative.
  7. Very true, it just doesn't look good with the other things they were already throwing Derby's way at the time. The money Mel has put into this club I will always see as a positive as it has gave us a cat 1 academy. I just hope he can find the right buyers for him and the club.
  8. Comparing the Huddersfield game to the pre-season games I watched the difference between them was there to see. Which I'm not suprised with as we have had a week of preparation that has not been ideal. Hopefully we will get back to the style of the pre-season games in the coming weeks.
  9. If what is in part 1 of this is true, I'm not suprised the EFL are gunning for Mel. As was said in the podcast what he was suggesting isn't against the rules but again it is a clever way of skirting around them.
  10. Its pointless selling any of our actual pro players, we won't get the fee we deserve due to our finances and we won't be able to replace them with equal or better players. We should hold onto them to the earliest of January, apart from Marshall I think Allsop and Roos are good enough.
  11. Hope we can relax the EFL restrictions sign him and keep Jozwiak. Might help him having someone actually pushing him.
  12. I sure they both have a team plan before the match, so what ever he starts shouting out onto the pitch I'm guessing would go with them plans.
  13. The issue with most of the crosses into the box yesterday is they were inch perfect in that zone where the keeper has no chance. Not every team will be like that.
  14. He has just become the new scapegoat for some. He had an average game yesterday as did most of the team give them time and stop jumping on there backs after one match!!
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