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  1. Wouldnt be surprised if rooneys already planning for a 0-0
  2. Couldn't believe it when he took him off, our best player today yet takes him off. shocking.
  3. Brentford all the way, they did us a favour last night so yes brentford it is for me.
  4. If rooney and Rosenior are still here probably not many. Still can't believe they gave him a 2 and a half year contract its baffling.
  5. He'll get us relegated then walk away He'll get us relegated then walk away probably
  6. I fear the only way we will get rid of rooney is if he walks and I very much doubt that's going to happen. Who else is stupid enough to pay him 90k a week
  7. Rooney wont walk away, he wont get his pay off if he does that.
  8. So looks like rooney will be in charge for saturday then, let's just hope we can get the win.
  9. I doubt we stay up if rooney stays
  10. Should never have appointed him in the first place, paying the price now unfortunately.
  11. I remember simon jordan saying, appoint rooney get relegated, looks like he could be right unfortunately
  12. It's almost as if the club wants league one football next season. Just hope things change and fast, starting with a proper manager.
  13. I've a feeling wayne will be given the job till at least the end of the season.
  14. So no new manager for saturday then.
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