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  1. Warburton or simmo for me
  2. mr kia

    Has he?

    if he's been sacked then surely it would have been announced by now
  3. mr kia

    v Middlesbrough - Predictions (H)

    rams 0-2 boro
  4. mr kia

    Why do you have faith in Rowett?

    would love rowett to be successful at derby but at the same time I couldn't bear to watch another season of his football win or lose its just so boring.
  5. mr kia


    Paul Simpson would get us playing good football
  6. mr kia

    Has Rowett lost the dressing room?

    I believe Gary has lost the dressing room because they are fed up with his style of football the players look frustrated to me but who knows
  7. mr kia

    Rowett - In or Out? - mk 2

    hate to say it but he's got to go cant watch anymore of this rubbish
  8. if rowett does go and its a big if then I'd like to see Paul Simpson as manager and he still lives in derby i believe
  9. i don't think Mel will sack Gary. He must have known his style of football before he appointed him

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