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  1. Forget Rooney we need him out of our team he's taking corners and can't even beat the first man unbelievable Eddie howe Chris Hughton Paul Simpson Paul Cook Any of them 4 and I'd be happy
  2. Cocu is the problem I agree but Rooney proformance today was utterly shocking! No passion lost the ball so many times and didn't work back 3 of there goals have come from Rooney mistakes simple as that he needs to be dropped
  3. Maybe you should look at the experience players let the kids down big time today Rooney was fault for 3 goals but he wilnt be dropped!
  4. I thought bird made the difference 2nd half when he went slightly more attacking he was more like a Henderson for Liverpool found alot of good passes instead of going back and sideways every time
  5. Apprently signing a 2 year contract I would of tried to tie him down to at least a 3 year deal still be good if it happens
  6. Not really when we have a million defensive players
  7. Why wouldn't you put attacking player from the u23 is we were that short when you put a defensive u23 in brown on the bench?
  8. Is it me does anybody else think cocu playing games with Mel to make him buy a few attacking players ie only having a half fit Rooney as a attacking player on the bench Saturday and putting wisdom up top vs barrow? Is it me or is he just playing games as surely we would have a u23 on the bench
  9. Have we got 2 fit strikers??
  10. Because last season we still created thing with Holmes and Lawrence added creativity in our team! Also we didn't always pass it back! Your telling me waghorn would of had at gooden chance? Even Rooney came on looked lost and ended dropping back in to try and find the ball
  11. Kenneth Zohore appently shef weds are after him be ideal for us
  12. So was the rest of the team, when he's getting no service how can you expect him to have a good game
  13. We are missing bielik in midfield so much with bird shinnie or rooney operating in the midfield slows us down so much bird as much as hes done well for us slows us down far too much hes needs to be more adventurous and look for forward passes, we looked better when knight went into the midfield as he was finding men in space on the wings
  14. So because steeled think he never that means he's right he was the only 1 who was achually to chase down there men and achually win the ball, either way our football is too slow to much passing backwards and sidewards
  15. Can't see how anybody can say that about marriott after today as he tried really hard sibley struggling as there's nothing coming forward as well so you can't put it just down to marriott! Give him chance once we have some creativity in our squad
  16. Who is slow at the best of times not bothering with very little match fitness
  17. Hes already camping outside its the only reason why he hasn't signed today he doesn't want to miss on the bargains
  18. Maybe if we sign these 2 he could be considering put Lawrence in the 10 role where he does look more natural Down the middle
  19. Bennett and malone have gone?! And trying to clear out more dead wood
  20. Max is a really good guy and I hope it works for him! If it is 2m it's a fair price for both parties
  21. I would take any winger at the minute 👀
  22. I agree but for that sort of money I don't think we can argue with 10 million that will get us a new right back a winger and have money spare towards a striker and as left back goes I think it's covered with fizzy buc and shinnie if need be
  23. Maybe the case but with us being so short on the wings I just think he's better then we have at the minute and he type of winger we could do with at the minute someone who is willing to run at his man, unless there considering pushing bogle more forward and playing wisdom behind him when wisdom is fit
  24. Anybody getting the same feeling as me and thinking letting Mitchell-lawson go out on loan before we have filled the position before letting him go could really cost us at the start of the season?
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