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  1. There will be no where near 20k think it be between 7/12k to be honest
  2. Love George thorne absolutely class before his injury gutted for him and really hope he can get over his injuries and get back to his best for Oxford!
  3. I do agree play some good football but unlucky
  4. Just been looking for the forest Luton game on sky sports looked on every channel apart skysports football! I wouldn't call that game football!
  5. Yes i your right he did very well at that point but offered very little after that my comment was more about clarke rating then just criticism for Lawrence
  6. No worries mate i realised that as I was reading it
  7. If Lawrence achually tried and chased back on the run up to the peno Clarke might not of been so rash in his tackle! Dont get me wrong he shouldn't throw himself into a tackle like that in the area but it all came from Lawrence
  8. He fouls everytime he does put in a tackle and half of his yellows are just ridiculous fouls what are not needed or just because he's being mardy!
  9. Seen alot better football from u23 and u18s for most of this season and enjoyed it more the most of the first team games! Should try watching there's alot of class at this age!
  10. Darlow would be a class signing and think you would sign him for a good fee if you went for him without the gamble of not signing him in the summer
  11. Thats still wrong Rooney will play along side as Jason Knight and Duane Holmes, after last he got alot to play up too 😂
  12. I agree it's like he knows he's going! I'd go Hemer Wisdom Davies Clarke lowe Bird Knight Rooney holmes Waghorn marriott Got alot of running in that midfield to get forward and back!
  13. Mel morris isn't stupid, hes a clever man and a top business man he wouldn't be that stupid to get in that situation I have 100% trust in mel morris and pretty sure it be the press looking for a story from nothing
  14. After last night with wisdoms proformance I wouldn't mind if bogle went for the right money, it helped us so much towards the end of the match having a big full back because he was winning headers when we needed them it was like having a 3rd cb By the right price I mean £10-15m
  15. Not just 10 men we had a fairly young team out as well!
  16. Its exactly what we needed no leisure players thats the best game of football I have seen from us in a long time! The passion all the way through our team was unreal! A massive shout out to holmes tho not to get MOTM is very harsh even tho Knight was class! Our midfield hasn't been like that since thorne, hendrick, hughes, bryson if we finish the season with that effort and quality and stay up on goal difference I'd be happy! Even tho if we play like that till end of the season I think we will be looking more playoff I couldnt careless! Loved that 110%
  17. Like to know now if people still think Lawrence deserves a place?! Not a chance so proud of our young lads everybody in that team deserves to keep there place even with Rooney coming in if it wasnt for bielik
  18. Thats only because we got no midfielders with bottle and we never look for the through ball if score loads when we have Rooney threading balls for him
  19. Because all of our strikers are smashing it this season
  20. What do you expect when he only comes on for the last 10mins of a game
  21. The only natural goal scorer we have we should be building around him not shipping him out!
  22. Good to see, makes a change for us to achually do things early in January normally just wait till the end and get all the scrap ends!
  23. Simmo is the man we need of we want to bring in academy players! Perfect appointment
  24. Stuff the east stand fill the ground and just boo 🙈😂
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