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    Woodley Ram reacted to Gaspode in Season tickets   
    Club currently finalising their Refund & Exchange policy....
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    Woodley Ram got a reaction from metalsheep02 in Season tickets   
    I would like to continue to support the team and would forgo the money but would like the Rams to come up with something as a gesture to the people who have paid .  I respect Mel for the money he has put into the club, his dedication and commitment to Derby so don’t mind if the “package” is financially worth less than what’s left on the season tickets 
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    Woodley Ram reacted to angieram in Season tickets   
    There is a good article on the BBC about the impact of corona virus on lower league clubs and the way some fans in League Two are rallying to the cause and forgoing refunds on their cancelled matches in order to help their clubs.
    There will always be a combination of people who see their ticket purely as a financial transaction that they will exercise their consumer rights to protect, and those that see it as more of an emotional investment that they are willing to forgo if it helps 'their' club survive. (A third group may fall into the latter category but are forced by economic circumstances to be less charitable.)
    I think it's a choice for every individual and there's no right or wrong.
    Just a little aside, we had tickets for a Forest Green Rovers game on the Saturday that football was suspended. When League Two was cancelled earlier this week my husband wrote to the club telling them we didn't want the money back (it was only about £42.) He explained we were visiting as part of our attempt to visit as many League Grounds as possible so no other loyalty to their club.
    They wrote back to thank us and said to let them know if we had another chance to visit as they would like to meet us and give us a full tour of the ground and facilities.  Ok, it's not The Emirates, but I thought it was a really kind gesture at a difficult time.
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    Woodley Ram reacted to metalsheep02 in Season tickets   
    A credit towards future season ticket purchase.
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    Woodley Ram got a reaction from angieram in Mel has more money   
    What ever has in the bank good on him, well done for the hard work in earning it and I wish him well. Money aside I like Mel as he has the rams in his heart.
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    Woodley Ram got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Mel has more money   
    What ever has in the bank good on him, well done for the hard work in earning it and I wish him well. Money aside I like Mel as he has the rams in his heart.
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    Woodley Ram reacted to Tamworthram in Derby County Face Masks   
    I prefer the full face version

  8. COYR
    Woodley Ram reacted to Squid in Duane Holmes - What a guy.   
    I know this is not entirely football related however Duane was part of a twitch.tv livestream on Call of Duty tonight with Jordan Sinnott’s brother, Mason Mount too and it was an absolutely quality stream.
    Duane was giving away items such as signed tops from himself, signed boots by Rooney, Marriott, Ashley Cole etc.. (I SHOULD OF WON THE COLE BOOTS! You had to guess the song Duane played on the guitar, and first to tweet him wins( I was first and I got the right song, wrong title😭)
    But what you really got to see tonight was how much of a fantastic guy he is, going that extra mile to make viewers happy by randomly giving away items etc, they raised £5000 tonight for Jordan’s charity!
    He even got a signed Keogh top sorted for someone, and mentioned how Keogh is a great guy and is still willing to sign Derby tops.
    I don’t really know the main reason why I wanted to post this but I just think he deserves a special shoutout, he’s done loads for charity during this lockdown and tonight was a brilliant experience for fans to be able to chat with him, have a laugh and a few drinks too..
    He’s got such a fantastic attitude towards the fans, and everyone in general & I hope he sticks around for a long time!
    Link for the Justgiving page for Jordan’s charity: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sonia-cookson?utm_term=aMVEpqm6M
    When it hits 10K he’s getting an R9 trim by the way☺️
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    Woodley Ram got a reaction from EtoileSportiveDeDerby in Consortium   
    This is all double Dutch to me , they will Netherland a club here for Cruyff sake. I think they are all Cocu 
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    Woodley Ram got a reaction from EtoileSportiveDeDerby in Mike Te Wierik - Signed pre contract, joining in the summer   
    Now we are out of the EU does Mike need a wierik permit ? 
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    Woodley Ram reacted to Papahet in Joe Hart   
    I’d rather have Carson back 
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    Woodley Ram got a reaction from Reggie Greenwood in Matches suspended   
    Trump has tested negative to the Coronavirus, see even the Coronavirus virus has standards 
  13. Cheers
    Woodley Ram got a reaction from angieram in Max Bird   
    Sorry @angieram what I meant is that position is generally under appreciated compared with those that score goals and I mean that in the world of football not Derby and I agree that we know the value to the team of a Bird, huddlestone or Thorne. It’s just that Sibley and Knight are always more likely to go for more money than Bird because of their forward play although Bird has played more games for a very good reason.
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    Woodley Ram reacted to Dimmu in Design your own Rams Shirt. . .   
    The most beatiful shirt in the world, I wish it was my design.
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    Woodley Ram reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Max Bird   
    Out of all the youngsters currently in the team, he’s been the one who has impressed me the greatest.
    All the others are great talents, but to control games of football in that position at his age is eye catching.
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    Woodley Ram reacted to Tyler Durden in Are Derby players deferring wages?   
    Richard Keogh was a visionary by deferring his wages indefinitely before the whole Corovirus outbreak even started here
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    Woodley Ram got a reaction from silhillian in Before Pannini   
    I have an old cheese and ham Pannini does that count 
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    Woodley Ram reacted to RamNut in Good news in dark times   
    Forget about boro. There are far important things right now. 
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    Woodley Ram reacted to superzak in Keogh Sacked   
    Not brilliant replys if im honest . Hes an injured sportsman and however that injury occurred he was an top player for this club. I hope his rehabilitation goes well and he goes on to have a few more seasons at the top. shame its not with us.
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    Woodley Ram reacted to Uptherams in Derby in advanced talks with American billionaire Michael Dell over major financial injection   
    All Derby academy sides to be sponsored by and referred to as Dell boys. 
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    Woodley Ram reacted to Brummie Steve in Max Bird   
    Message to all those marauding premiership teams who expect to poach our youngsters on the cheep.
    You aren't getting the Bird!
    Or a cheep Knight out!
    Nor Sibley anyone else!
  23. COYR
    Woodley Ram reacted to B4ev6is in I am missing Derby county   
    I am fed up and board to tears I went to see my grandma grave and caught a glimce of pp and I was just wishing pp and open again. These hard times love for Derby county even more so. I just want season start up again next week.
  24. Cheers
    Woodley Ram got a reaction from Gee SCREAMER !! in Wages cap   
    Totally agree and a lack of understanding of zero hour contracts, consultants use them all of the time with contractors so they can be badged as part of their company and not a contractor. I as a contractor where the work has dried up due to the virus get nowt from the government where my brother as an employee would get paid 80% of his wage.
    anyway cannot wait for the football to continue 
  25. Haha
    Woodley Ram got a reaction from EtoileSportiveDeDerby in Matches suspended   
    Season suspended until 30 April now .....they didn’t say which year😎
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