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  1. Would love us to go for Mikel arteta, unproven though I think we’d play great football, whoever we end up with put a huge severance clause in if someone comes in for them.
  2. Would of taken a point before hand, played okay overall hope keoghs not too badly injured. Roll on Sunday big 6-0 win 😆
  3. 3 derby lads linking there 👀
  4. Why no wisdom or ambrose on the bench 😩😩
  5. Play the kids, rip it all up and start again
  6. We make poo teams look brilliant, Bolton to put that final nail in the coffin?
  7. Ramage over analysing a player missing out on the 18 again 😴😴
  8. Mason Mount is taking us up 😍
  9. They always overanalyse everything the manager can’t win sometimes, also annoys me how often they contradict themselves, doesn’t stop me listening to every phone in though 😂
  10. This team hasn’t got a reaction in them spineless
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