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  1. Pointless hyperbole? You mean pointlessly saying something not meant to be taken seriously which you seem to have taken quite seriously? Maybe I’m confused 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Ah no worries then sounds like we’ve got recruitment sorted I see no further issue with us finding a decent centre half as long as they bring their insoles 🥸
  3. Yeah realistically we’re going to have to sign one if not 2 ready made first team centre halves and with none here already the negotiation is going to be very one sided
  4. We don’t have a CB at the club its absolutely terrifying
  5. Get in, new owners as quick as possible and put an end to mels circus
  6. Painful to listen to this clown, I’d get a more coherent sentence from my dog
  7. I want Rooney gone but realistically Who would take this job? The team is full of spineless losers, no worries with losing any of our players if we go down who in their right mind will take them? Recruitment team need to go along with Mel. Rip it all up and start again absolute circus.
  8. Ran it pretty well into the ground
  9. Absolutely criminal Nathan Byrne didn’t start this game
  10. Obviously yes but if he’s out for the season and we can’t get anyone in we’re buggered
  11. If he’s out for the season I hope it’s the same situation with Hughes where we have him insured and it frees up funds to buy in this window
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