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  1. It’s Steve Mac part 3 isn’t it
  2. 0 shots on target tells you all you need to know we’re awful
  3. Big Sam would be the best appointment we could make in the situation we find ourselves in
  4. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Steve Holland linked soon with England playing and his ex Derby county links
  5. John Terry being linked today
  6. Would like to apologise profusely about my comments about cocu being a clown. To any professional clowns reading this im deeply sorry and it won’t happen again.
  7. Anyone think Zeljko Buvac would take the job? Risky but would get us playing good football
  8. Completely agree, not really excusable though is it.he’s been here over a year and doesn’t know what formation best suits.
  9. 5 at the back against ducking Barnsley the bloke wants sacking without any commission for gross misconduct. Clown 🤡
  10. Jozwiak on the bench sack this clueless clown
  11. Only one man can save us now
  12. Get rid of this clown he’s Clement in a wig
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