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  1. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to Ruda Harliss in Not a nice man   
    Reminds me of when I was a nipper. Went to see Basil Brush at the assembly rooms,  sitting there with my mum and dad trembling with excitement.( me not them)
    when he came on I couldn’t contain myself any longer “ BASIL, I’M HERE! “ I cried.  He just ignored me.  The ducking bamford.
  2. Like
    bigbadbob reacted to Chester40 in Random stuff that people do that annoy me   
    Not really a thing people do at all... 
    But is it just me who finds these two Newcastle player's names really annoying? 
    1) Joelinton
    2) Saint-Maximin
    Sorry.. They just aren't names. I hope Newcastle flop until these two irritatingly named players leave. 
  3. Like
    bigbadbob reacted to Angry Ram in Harry and Meghan   
    Now dropping the HRH and paying back the Frogmoor Cottage money.. Good. 
  4. Cheers
    bigbadbob reacted to ariotofmyown in Jack O'Connell   
    Finally a news story where we come across ok...
  5. COYR
    bigbadbob reacted to Big Trav in Tom Lawrence appreciation thread   
    Our tom get a lot of stick. Like a lot. I would say hes our scapegoat that many fans use against him. He receives a lot of abuse rightly or wrongly. I just wanted to give my  two sense on this situation. The problem with Tom is he needs to play as a 10 behind 2 strikers. Out wide he has to cut in as his crossing isn’t the greatest. Also the lads a massive confidence player. Massively. Do you think 20,000 shouting abuse at him will help his confidence?? He always tries hard and presses well however he can be lazy tracking back. The lads been involved with a lot outside the world of football. He’s lost his bloody mother not long ago. And this has led to him drinking a load which ended up with joinersgate. He looks broken inside. I’m just begging you to please not scapegoat Tom. He isn’t a bad football he’s not the worst player you’ve ever seen just get behind the lad show him extra appreciation we need to make sure he knows we’ve got his back not get angry and shout abuse at him. 
    I do think Tom needs a break from football to really sort himself out. You can tell he’s heartbroken just by the way he never plays with a smile anymore. 
    Im begging each and every single person that reads this post to just think before you shout abuse at any Derby player but tom in particular. He needs picking up from the ground not being kicked while on the ground. 
  6. Like
    bigbadbob reacted to The Orange Pimpernel in v Hull City (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Exactly that. Inspiring others, providing belief and contributing quietly but efficiently. You won't see him charging around but he be in the right place at the right time. Also talking others through the game. 
  7. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to SaintRam in v Hull City (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Patient build-up by Derby but Bogle's cross is mishit
  8. Angry
    bigbadbob reacted to Ghost of Clough in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Radio Derby just said 2/3 weeks until the committee - after the transfer window closes!
  9. COYR
    bigbadbob reacted to lukedcfc in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    This is a war that the EFL will lose. 
  10. Like
    bigbadbob reacted to RamNut in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    does anyone know what the timescale is for resolving all this?
  11. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to RamNut in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    I never used the phrase ultra vires.
    simply that they may argue that any such discussion was outside the approval process, which follows full submission of documentation. 
    it happens all the time in seeking planning approval under the town and country planning act.  
  12. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to RadioactiveWaste in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Wonder who is going to be on the panel?
    "An independent panel comprised of Steve Gibson, Neil Warnock, 2 randomly selected posters from LTLF forum and the ghost of Don Revie"
  13. Like
    bigbadbob reacted to Ramslaar in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Its like alot engage fingers and keyboard before understanding the facts.do we all really think mel would have sold the stadium (if against the rules thus knowing we would be done for it) hes a man that has made millions im business why would he be so silly.the EFL have cocked it up and are now trying to back track at our expense.is it right we have got to the point we have had to sell the stadium NO but i didnt see many moaning when we were spending in all business its about gambling ask any person that has made big money and i can bet they tell you the time they took a huge risk and it payed off.if you remember we had just lost at Wembley playing some of the best football in years all we need was a few quality signings to get us over the line the following season.mel took a gamble like alot of teams that are close to promotion and spent big to try and get us there.unlike alot of others we failed.however again i didnt see anybody moaning then, as the vast majority also believed thats all we needed.fans of football and i include myself are so fickle its unreal. 
  14. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to Will Hughes Hair in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Apparently the valuation was carried out by someone with extensive football and property knowledge...

  15. COYR
    bigbadbob reacted to nottingram in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Outstanding statement that
  16. Like
    bigbadbob reacted to Nick_Ram in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Statement has been released.
    Seems like Mel has whipped out the 50 cal and is taking no prisoners.

    I honestly don't know why some fans are against Mel. He's poured millions into the club and only has the best interests at heart. If he doesn't spend money, he'll be slated. He spends money and gets slated. Go figure.
  17. COYR
    bigbadbob reacted to B4ev6is in how dare you elf   
    No I am not
    How dare I love Derby county with all my heart.
  18. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to i-Ram in how dare you elf   
  19. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to Archied in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Always read your posts with interest before this topic , can’t take you seriously anymore so debate over enjoy a free run on guff , weren’t you complaining we had not replaced mount, Wilson and tomori adequately?  Yea it’s not about how much you spend😂
    on recruitment though we need no longer search for a keeper , we can just have you at games to move the goalposts instead 
  20. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to Millenniumram in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    You know what, I’ve had enough of your constant snide remarks towards me. You’ve clearly got some sort of problem with me, and I’m not gonna sit here while you make sarcastic responses to my posts. It’s making this forum not a particulary nice place to be. It’s a shame because ei enjoy have debates with people who have different views to me who are willing to have a proper discussion. But I’m not gonna sit here and be laughed at. So congratulations, you’re the first bloke on my ignore list ever!
  21. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to CharltonFan in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Bloody hell it really has been one thing after another for you lot this season. 
  22. COYR
    bigbadbob reacted to Derbados in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    So an opinion is now a hysterical rant because you don’t agree with it, smooth. . . 
    the fact that we’ve even been charged in the first place, the Joiners incident, the shocking recruitment, incompetent staff  (Sam Rush), incompetent succession of managers (Paul Clement was going to be our Alex Ferguson, remember that?), “the Derby way”, drone Gate, dressing room gate, spy gate, etc etc etc do I need to go on? 
  23. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to Wolfie20 in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Has David closed the TRANSFER FORUM yet?
  24. Haha
    bigbadbob reacted to Andicis in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Based on his inability to do anything other than slag off Derby for anything. Regardless of how much we know on a matter or not.
  25. Cheers
    bigbadbob reacted to Millenniumram in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    BBC says we had the stadium down on the accounts as an asset worth 41m. The EFL valuation is much closer to that than our valuation. I guess the point is how on Earth we managed to sell it for almost double what we’ve previously valued it at, as an asset. Now obviously the value as an asset is different to a value that you would sell it for, but it does bring our valuation into a bit of disrepute for me. The more I look into this, the more I think the EFL has a case here. It’s a difficult one, because I can see how a stadium would be worth 80m looking at the fees teams are paying to build new ones these days. But I do think the EFL has a legitimate case here.
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