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  1. Good god, Mel DO NOT sell to this absolute chancer. Christ above, what a day.
  2. 3-1 incoming as we chase a second goal that will never come.
  3. He really has to go. This team need a spark and he's not doing it. These are desperate times and even with someone else taking charge we may still go down but with Rooney I can't see us picking up another point. We are toothless all over the park and far too easy to play against and beat.
  4. If this current squad plays to their potential then we'll just stay up (just). If we sign some quality this month then we'll stay up. Today was appalling but there's a long way to go yet.
  5. Come on Derby, need to capitalise. Wed don't seem to have got going yet.
  6. We deserved a point from that, what a shame. If i'm honest i think considering we had 10 men for 70 mins we were actually the better side today. Maybe this is the luck you get when you're down there at the bottom.
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