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  1. The reporter, Matt Hughes has replied to the DET article with this -
  2. Avoided the forum last night because i knew it would have ridiculous threads like this in it. Log on this morning and yep i was right! Sadly some fans never fail to disappoint with their sort sightedness and stupidity.
  3. Carson out for 2 more weeks. Marriott and Lawrence both training and travelling tomorrow. Mount due to start training Friday. It's all coming together isn't it?
  4. I know its only twitter but an interesting tweet for him to like. Especially as he doesn't appear to use Twitter often.
  5. Derby 3 - 1 Bristol, Marriott. Taking the kids to this one for their very first football match and trip to Pride Park so please win fgs (ages 4 and 7 so have my work cut out)
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