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  1. LauraH

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Like many others on here i've never really understood why fans get so involved over the fees. Do i personally think he's worth £8m, no probably not but i don't really care, it's not my money. Also i gather fees are very rarely the amounts that are reported and are spread over years or on the never-never. If he was a Derby player do i think he would be worth £8m? Yes. Anyway for the first time in... Forever... I think we are buying season tickets this year. Partly due to the thought of actually being enjoyable to watch this season and partly due to moving closer to home!
  2. LauraH

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    Oh now this is just wonderful, what an excellent signing. Well done Frank.
  3. LauraH

    Tammy Abraham - Joined Aston Villa

    Alan nixon Twitter - DERBY. CHELSEA. Abraham can go on loan but prefers the Premier League. Derby aware of that.
  4. LauraH

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Haha imagine signing up to another teams fan forum and writing that 😂
  5. LauraH

    Kasey Palmer - Signed for Blackburn on loan

    No mention of whether it's for a loan or permanent transfer.
  6. LauraH

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Translation: Derby County's technical Director, Frank Lampard, is closely following the steps of the 10th Mexican national team under 21 @PiojoAlvarado. The new jewel of the @Cruz_Azul_FC opportunity to go to Europe in the medium term. Just spotted the above on Twitter.

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