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  1. LauraH

    Burton Albion v Derby County

    We won't make playoffs and we don't deserve it anyway. If by some fluke we manage top 6 (we won't) we will be knocked out before Wembley. Worried for next season if I'm honest.
  2. Now that is a real shame, hope he recovers well.
  3. LauraH

    6pm live announcement with Mel

    He looks terrified
  4. LauraH

    James McClean

    Always rated him. Looks like he's down the pecking order at WBA. Get him in. West Brom have turned down a loan move, maybe they want to sell, in which case didn't someone offer £8m for him last year? Not sure we have that kind of money with FFP. Not going to get involved with his views as it's none of my business.
  5. Good luck to him. Not much time to get in a replacement - let the random twitter transfer rumours commence!
  6. LauraH

    Darren Bent - joined Burton on loan

    I don't know if its a false memory of a terrible player but i seem to clearly recall Claude Davies missing almost every clearance, like completely missing the ball and kicking air, or when he did manage to connect with the ball it would go straight up into the air... Surely he wasn't as bad as that, was he? Anyway back on topic, i like DB and hope he does well as i like Burton too and would be a shame for them to go down.
  7. LauraH

    We're coming after you Wolves

    Can have a listen here - https://talksport.com/football/derby-county-boss-gary-rowett-discusses-transfer-business-celebrity-fan-niall-horan
  8. When this rumour first surfaced i laughed and thought "no chance" but i have to say i'm worried now. I wouldn't expect DCFC to release a statement addressing silly social media rumours however this is now making mainstream media. We know it doesn't take much to unsettle our squad (if past season are anything to go by) so i hope at some point today we will hear something from the club regards Rowett staying in the building.
  9. LauraH


    3 dogs, Dexter black labradoodle, Morgan brown labradoodle. Both 11 years young and Sasha 1 year old GSD. We never intended to get Sasha but we were broken into and Dexter and Morgan slept through the whole thing so we decided to get a guard type dog but she's anything but
  10. LauraH


    Only because i didn't know how to sell it until quite recently
  11. LauraH


    I kept hold of it in the end and also bought a Litecoin and Ethereum coin, both of which have shot up 200-400% since i bought them. I know it's a gamble but the BTC cost me £4, the LTC £38 and the ETH was the most expensive at £200. I sold some Bitcoin last week which more than covered the original investment and will now wait and see what happens before deciding when to sell more. The bubble has been about to burst for the past year.

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