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  1. Looking for this years kit in size 3-6 month if anyone has one for sale?
  2. Who knows guess ill never know. thankyou, ive been isolated for about 3 week now, i predict all this at the end of January so was well prepared. No panic buying.
  3. its making me ill , i have a wife with asthma and a 7 week old baby, i try to avoid the news but its just everywhere. Door is locked now for the next 3 week
  4. Ive had a bad week Last weds saw throat ish, weds night unbelievable fever worst ive ever had thurs felt hungover all day and dizzy fri better bit of a caugh sat groggy bit of a caugh sun same today fine apart from a slight caugh and abit of breathing difficulties even though it seems to be settling now. i am putting it down to a common cold. i live in blackpool and the chances of catching it here are very low. still isolating though
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