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  1. Comparison

    I mentioned in a post on Jan 3rd that we were, broadly speaking, only where we have been for the past few seasons:-(http://www.derbycountyblog.com/deja-vu-as-derby-county-celebrate-another-happy-new-year/) The question then was (and remains), will we sustain it this season, or fall away, as we did in previous years?
  2. The points required

    The ten-season average points per game to finish second is 1.89. At the minute, we're running at 1.9 PPG overall. But as CS points out, we had a really slow start and only picked up 13 points from the first ten games, which means that we have taken 44 from the last twenty, at an outstanding clip of 2.2 PPG. Past performance doesn't predict future performance. It'll be squeaky bums all round for a while yet...
  3. Come on Palace

    Nick did a good profile on Rowett for The Guardian recently. He's obviously been a bit cheeky with this piece (which I haven't bothered reading) - but fair play, if I had the chance to write for a national website, I'm pretty sure I'd take the piss out of Forest at any opportunity as well.
  4. My two-penn'orth ahead of Sunday, including infographics (for those who like that kind of thing):- http://www.derbycountyblog.com/derby-county-v-nottingham-forest-preview-2/ FWIW I'm predicting a Derby win - 2-1. Cheers, Ollie
  5. http://www.derbycountyblog.com/rowetts-search-for-a-new-derby-way-continues/ Latest post from me, after Derby avoided death by a thousand passes at Brentford. All feedback, brickbats, etc very welcome, either here, or @DerbyCountyblog on Twitter.

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