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  1. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 26: Let's be Frank

    Cheers @kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong @ariotofmyown! Appreciate that. More to come next season.
  2. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 26: Let's be Frank

    Hi everyone Our season review/Lampard podcast is available to listen to below. On Frank, we ask: - What style of football can we expect? - Have expectations gone up or down? - What does it mean for the returning loanees? There's also a look back on 17/18 - our goals/player of the season, and we attempt to predict (badly) Derby's line-up on the opening day of 18/19. NB - I just noticed the title of the podcast is the same as a thread on this board. Not intentional! That's it for us for this season, anyway - thanks to everyone who has commented, listened and shared. Referrals from this forum make up a substantial part of our audience, so we appreciate it. We'll be knocking around on here and social media over the summer and hope to return, like Derby, bigger and better in 18/19! Cheers Chris
  3. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW podcast, Ep 25: Rowett walks

    Cheers Andrew! It's tempting to carry on through the summer, but tbh I need a break. We're doing a final episode in early June as a season review, then we'll be back in late July for pre-season.
  4. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW podcast, Ep 25: Rowett walks

    Our penultimate podcast of the season is available now on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts. We discuss: - How will Gary Rowett's reign be remembered? - Do the fans have a right to feel let down? - What sort of appointment will Morris make next when his previous ones haven't followed a pattern? - Analysis of the bookies' favourites - Smith, Neil, Lampard Cheers Chris
  5. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    Derby London Fans

    The London Branch of the supporters' club do indeed meet at the Stage Door, near Waterloo. It's on Webber Street: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/The+Stage+Door/@51.5012944,-0.1073677,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x6459c362164b4c13?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjn-7LDs4XbAhVpjVQKHV1fCdkQ_BIIlgEwEQ
  6. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 24: Advantage Derby

    Hi all, Fresh from Friday night, we’ve recorded a bonus play-off podcast, out now. Have a listen below, cheers!
  7. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW podcast, Ep 23: Play-offs here we come!

    And here's the iTunes link for Apple users. (Yes this is a shameless bump) https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/steve-bloomers-washing/id1265416808?mt=2
  8. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW podcast, Ep 23: Play-offs here we come!

    Hi everyone, Our new DCFC fans podcast is available now on Soundcloud and iTunes. We're talking all things play-offs: - Barnsley reviewed - Paul Peschisolido stops by for a quick phone chat to talk Fulham and Derby - We're joined by the 'Fulhamish' to preview the semi-finals. Thanks for listening! Chris
  9. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 22: Villa and Cardiff

    Morning everyone, Our latest podcast is out now: Derby County's rollercoaster run-in continues, with the Rams now just one point away from finishing in the top six. What changed between Boro and Cardiff? If Derby do make the play-offs, should it be the Bluebirds or Fulham in the semi-finals? We also look back at the Aston Villa draw and Gary Rowett's new 3-4-2-1 formation. Thanks for listening as ever. Cheers Chris
  10. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 21: Burton balls-up

    Thought I held back to be honest. Justified anyway, I'd say, given the events of the weekend!
  11. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 21: Burton balls-up

    Our new podcast is available now - reaction to Burton, Wolves, and the Easter programme. - Is the top six still achievable? - What went wrong at the Pirelli? - How does it compare to our most humiliating away days? It's not the most cheerful of listens, granted, but stick with us. Cheers for listening, Chris
  12. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 20: Paul Peschisolido

    It's a lovely sentiment and he seemed to mean it, but I had my doubts somehow.... 'Paul, there's good news and bad news.' 'OK....' 'The good news is, we're keeping you on next season.' 'Great!' 'The bad news is, you're getting a 100% pay cut.' 'No worries, see you Monday.!'
  13. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 20: Paul Peschisolido

    Cheers for the feedback, glad it's been well received.
  14. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 20: Paul Peschisolido

    Our new podcast is up now, to entertain everyone during the international break. We met up with Paul Peschisolido to look back on his time at Derby, and he was on top form. In our chat Pesch talked about: - Which 'arrogant' former Rams teammate needed 'taking down a peg or two'. - The bizarre demand Billy Davies made to Pesch before the 2007 play-off final. - How he gave Gary Rowett his big break in coaching in 2009. All comments, feedback and shares on social media would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening! Chris
  15. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    On this day 11 years ago....

    * Prays for miracle *

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