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  1. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 32: Bees & Blackburn

    Morning all, Our latest podcast episode below: Derby's best football for years? The Rams see off Brentford with a scintillating first half display as Mason Mount continues to run the show. Chris, Richard and Tom celebrate Derby's young loanees and look back on another topsy-turvy fortnight at Pride Park. Cheers! Chris
  2. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW Meets: Dean Sturridge

    I think these interviews have appeal beyond Rams Fans so will see if other footy-pod-loving friends enjoy them. Keep up the great work guys and how can you get to a point where we have a pod after each match?! Thanks, and please do spread the word. I'd love to do it more often, but as anyone who's ever done podcasting will tell you, it's a big effort, very time consuming and often difficult to get everyone in one place regularly. I think once a fortnight is a decent balance to just about keep on top of DCFC goings-on... plus I don't want to try @David's patience by spamming the forum with podcast links once a week!
  3. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW Meets: Dean Sturridge

    Thanks a lot for that, much appreciated. We enjoy producing them. Hopefully more to come depending on who I can track down...!
  4. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW Meets: Dean Sturridge

    Our latest podcast is up now: SBW sat down with one of Derby's greatest recent goalscorers. Dean Sturridge told us how he became a 20-goal-a-season striker, his relationship with Baiano and Wanchope, the Baseball Ground, and much more. 'Deano' also discusses his failed move to Arsenal, breaking through from the Derby youth team, and his thoughts on the current Rams set-up under Frank Lampard. Cheers for listening! Chris
  5. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 30: FloJo sinks Hull

    Latest podcast is available now: A solid August sees Frank's Rams win four out of six - with more late drama. Chris, Richard and Tom reflect on Derby's best start in seven years and ask if our bulging squad is helping out. There's also analysis of those two glorious wins over Hull, and farewell (for now) to Derby's loan departures. Finally, we've got news of a new player interview coming soon!
  6. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 29: Millwall madness

    Wait till you see what we've got for the international break....
  7. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 29: Millwall madness

    Hi everyone Our latest podcast is available now - there's reaction to Millwall, analysis of what needs to change v Ipswich, and as promised, a chat with the Telegraph's John Percy, who told us how transfers come about, why Vydra's fee was probably slightly lower than we expected, how Mel Morris has 'got his Mojo back'... and what his Twitter picture is all about (cc @Hucknall Ram) Have a listen below, and please subscribe! Cheers, Chris https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/steve-bloomers-washing/id1265416808?mt=2
  8. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    Got a question for John Percy?

    Here you go!
  9. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    Got a question for John Percy?

    We're recording this evening and it'll be released late tonight, depending on how long the edit takes. Keep an eye on the forum, as I always post when it's up. Cheers!
  10. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    Got a question for John Percy?

    Hi everyone We're (hopefully) getting the Telegraph's John Percy on SBW for our next episode, where'll he'll fill us in on covering Derby, transfers, being ITK etc. I wanted to throw this one out to you guys - does anyone have any burning questions they've wanted to ask the man most connected to Derby's transfer activity (Alan Nixon aside)? We'll put the best ones to him on the phone tonight. FYI, 'Who are we signing next?' doesn't count. Cheers! Chris
  11. Steve Bloomer's Washing


    Cheers for this, and the other positive comments - we really appreciate it. In our next episode we'll dedicate 10 minutes each to all of Derby's attacking options. It's a three hour special.
  12. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 28: Reading late show

    Hi, our new podcast episode is out now, all about Reading reaction: - What will Lampard have learned? How are our shins? Who comes in v Leeds/Oldham? Have a listen below. Cheers!
  13. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    The Forgotten Man !

    For sure!
  14. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    The Forgotten Man !

    This is great @loweman2 - these glory days were before my time but what you've done is a tremendous effort and truly commendable. Apols if it's been asked already, but have you told the Derby Tel about this? They could/should make a big piece out of it.
  15. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 27: Pre-season with Curtis Davies

    Hello! Our first podcast of 18/19 is available now. We've crammed loads into this episode, including: - Goal.com's Chelsea correspondent gives us more intel on Mason Mount and how he became 'undroppable' in Holland - An exclusive, extended interview with Curtis Davies, who talked new contracts, the new season, life after football and, erm, Harry Maguire - Who stays and goes in Derby's bloated squad? - Who's impressed most in pre-season? Listen on the link below, and don't forget to subscribe! Cheers, Chris

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