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  1. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 36: Jamie Thrasivolou does 'We Are Derby' in full

    I also filmed him doing this video snippet of the poem:
  2. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 36: Jamie Thrasivolou does 'We Are Derby' in full

    Cheers! Can confirm he's a top lad.
  3. Morning all, Our latest podcast is out now: Lampard's Rams hit their stride as an impressive win over Birmingham starts November as October finished. There was the Chelsea cup tie too, where Derby went down fighting, leaving the mood in the Rams camp very rosy. Can we maintain this form in the chaotic Championship? We also hear from Jamie Thrasivolou, the man behind the 'We Are Derby' poem, and get the Villa view ahead of Derby's next league clash. COYR Chris
  4. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    Drinking in London

    Yep it's Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese for us, it's near Blackfriars tube, which is on the district line to get directly to the ground.
  5. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 35: Baggies and Boro

    New SBW podcast available now: Lampard's swashbuckling young Rams put Sheffield Utd and West Brom to the sword with two superb wins... was the latter Derby's best away performance against a promotion rival? Chris, Richard and Tom also discuss the Rams' highly effective high press, wax lyrical about Tom Huddlestone, and look forward to trips to Middlesbrough and Chelsea.
  6. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 34: Rammie speaks

    I don't think Richard was ashamed necessarily - but I did want to make sure we were respectful of an incident which was quite serious at the time. You're right though, plenty of stories to tell the grandkids!
  7. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 34: Rammie speaks

    Morning - our international break podcast is out now: Our very own Richard Cutcher reveals all about his one season, nine years ago, spent as Derby County's beloved mascot. What's it like inside that giant costume? Did he get on with Derby's players? How does it feel leading out your boyhood team in front of 33,000 people? Cheers, Chris
  8. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 33: QPR & Norwich

    Our latest DCFC podcast is available now: Derby's form stutters after three winless league games following the triumphant night at Old Trafford. Chris and Tom discuss the daunting upcoming fixture list, whether the Rams should have picked up more than two points from their last three games, and salute Mason Mount's England call up. Cheers Chris
  9. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    Rammy rousing

    We've got a podcast coming out on Monday morning. All will be revealed then.
  10. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    We have an England International!

    For anyone interested - Seth's one and only appearance for England:
  11. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    Rammy rousing

    Stay tuned to our podcast during the international break, as we'll be clearing all this up....
  12. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    Will Cardiff take our record from us?

    We hold 'fewest home wins and 'fewest away wins' jointly with some other clubs so I don't think those ones count 😉 I just had a look on the Premier League website and saw this extra trolling in the description...
  13. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW 32: Bees & Blackburn

    Morning all, Our latest podcast episode below: Derby's best football for years? The Rams see off Brentford with a scintillating first half display as Mason Mount continues to run the show. Chris, Richard and Tom celebrate Derby's young loanees and look back on another topsy-turvy fortnight at Pride Park. Cheers! Chris
  14. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW Meets: Dean Sturridge

    I think these interviews have appeal beyond Rams Fans so will see if other footy-pod-loving friends enjoy them. Keep up the great work guys and how can you get to a point where we have a pod after each match?! Thanks, and please do spread the word. I'd love to do it more often, but as anyone who's ever done podcasting will tell you, it's a big effort, very time consuming and often difficult to get everyone in one place regularly. I think once a fortnight is a decent balance to just about keep on top of DCFC goings-on... plus I don't want to try @David's patience by spamming the forum with podcast links once a week!
  15. Steve Bloomer's Washing

    SBW Meets: Dean Sturridge

    Thanks a lot for that, much appreciated. We enjoy producing them. Hopefully more to come depending on who I can track down...!

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