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  1. SBW #10: Malcolm Christie

    Cheers for flagging that up! Gibbo seemed to mostly go with the same sort of questions as I did... I'll be interested to see if part 2 involves praying with Taribo West or his 'noone wants to know you when you retire through injury' line.
  2. SBW #10: Malcolm Christie

    Leave it with me!
  3. SBW #10: Malcolm Christie

    It varies. It's basically a case of deciding on a relevant/interesting player, tracking them down, getting in touch, explaining the podcast to them, getting them on board, and arranging a meet/call to get the chat done. I'm a journalist by trade so have done this sort of thing enough times in the past, but it is pretty time-consuming. Still, the Powell and Christie ones have definitely been worth it (for my own selfish reasons if nothing else!) I've got another couple in the pipeline, but still need to get them set up. I'm happy to take suggestions for ex-players you'd like to hear from... within reason!
  4. SBW #10: Malcolm Christie

    Hi everyone, SBW Episode 10 is an in-depth chat with Malcolm Christie, who scored 30 goals for Derby before leaving in 2003, then later becoming a car salesman. He talks about: - His most memorable Rams moments - the goals against Man Utd and *that* disallowed hattrick. - How Taribo West got the whole team in a huddle before games to pray together. - Having to retire at just 29 due to injury, and how he coped. He's incredibly honest and candid, and had some great stories to tell. As always, thanks for listening! Chris
  5. SBW #9: Leeds and Norwich

  6. SBW #9: Leeds and Norwich

    Guess again...!
  7. SBW #9: Leeds and Norwich

    Any shouts for 'Guess The Goal'....?
  8. SBW #9: Leeds and Norwich

    Hello! Our latest episode is available now on Soundcloud (below), and iTunes, featuring: - Reaction to Derby's four straight wins, culminating in magnificent results at Leeds and Norwich - A new feature where we want YOU all to 'Guess The Goal!' - News of an upcoming player interview, recorded recently to be released during the international break - Reading: What can we expect - are they in a false position? - The usual 'Who Ram I' nonsense. iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/steve-bloomers-washing/id1265416808?mt=2 If you enjoyed the podcast, please share and subscribe! Thanks for listening, Chris
  9. SBW #8: Forest floored

    Cheers! It's always difficult finding one that's not too easy or hard....
  10. SBW #8: Forest floored

    They struggled. I had to edit out around 3-5 minutes of complete silence.
  11. SBW #8: Forest floored

    Hello! We finally got to discuss a win on SBW after an uncomfortably long wait, so in our Forest reaction episode there is: - Can Vydra really become 'the best No.10 in the league'? - How do the Rams build on their derby win in their next four? - Looking ahead: We speak to our man at the Sheffield Star ahead of Saturday, and foolishly predict how many points we'll take from the next four fixtures. - All that, and a 'Who Ram I' nicknamed 'The Bungalow'.... Feedback welcomed as ever. Thanks for listening. Chris
  12. SBW #7: Darryl Powell

    Thanks Andrew. I thought I'd got away with the gum-chewing! I only noticed that after recording, which was annoying. DP was also wearing a massive coat which rustled a lot (see picture below). Took a bit of work editing that out. Glad you enjoyed it anyway!
  13. SBW #7: Darryl Powell

    I missed a trick there! Poom’s on my list of interview targets. Just need to convince Mrs SBW into a romantic trip trip to Estonia.
  14. SBW #7: Darryl Powell

    I’m aware of the rumours, but my future is fully committed to SBW.
  15. SBW #7: Darryl Powell

    Hello again! To tide everyone over during the international break, here's our latest episode - an in-depth interview with former Rams midfielder Darryl Powell. The Jamaican known affectionately as 'the football genius' chatted to us for around 30 minutes, on topics including: - How Derby settled so comfortably into Premiership life in 1996 - His most memorable games, opponents and teammates (including comparing one ex-Derby player to Lionel Messi!) - His work now as a football agent, including two deals he's done involving Derby players. Have a listen, and please share/tell a fellow Ram if you enjoyed it. Cheers! Chris

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