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  1. SBW 17: Owls, Canaries, Bees

    Afternoon The latest SBW podcast is available now on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts. There's Sheffield Wednesday reaction, discussion on what went wrong, Rowett's latest selection headache, what needs to change v Leeds, and more. Warning: Contains mild optimism. Link below: Cheers, Chris
  2. QPR Away.

    I’ve got in several times before... just don’t show colours, get there early and say you’re there for Curry Night!
  3. QPR Away.

    There's a 'Spoons opposite Shepherd's Bush tube which is walkable to the ground and away friendly (as long as you're not displaying colours). Granted it's a Spoons, but better than nothing...!
  4. RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    Shameless plug coming up - it’s not video, but we had an in-depth chat with Darryl Powell on the podcast earlier in the season. Have a listen below!
  5. Baiano or Vydra?

    Difficult to compare two players who played for different teams in different leagues, 20 years apart... but having seen both, I'd have to agree with those who said Baiano. Remember when he smashed in 8 goals in his first 8 games? Great days. Here's a video we tweeted out of him earlier in the season:
  6. SBW #16: Millwall & Deadline Day

    Evening! Here's our latest podcast - discussing Millwall, Bristol City, and all that Deadline Day nonsense. Drop me a DM with your 'Guess The Goal'...! Can't have @Hucknall Ram taking all the glory off this forum... Thanks for listening as always, Chris
  7. SBW #15: Blues blitzed

    Dropping a new episode later tonight mate. Cheers
  8. SBW #15: Blues blitzed

    Our next one will be out on Weds or Thurs, after Millwall. We aim for a new pod every two weeks, give or take a day or so.
  9. SBW #15: Blues blitzed

    Yes, not ideal timing. Didn't expect us to get it done so quickly tbh. As I've just tweeted, I stand by the comment we made on Jerome on the pod. More than happy to be proved wrong and will get fully behind him obvs, and Rowett's opinion is the only one which counts!
  10. SBW #15: Blues blitzed

    Hi everyone The latest SBW is up now. We've picked over a fun day out at St Andrews, tried to decide the best verb for Vydra's goal, and saluted the squad players who helped kill off the game and continue Derby's promotion charge. There's also a preview of Friday's game with a Bristol Post football writer on the phone, discussion of Rowett's new deal, and ponderings on Cameron Jerome (Spoiler: We don't rate him. Soz) Get your 'Guess The Goal' attempts in below, or any other feedback/abuse you care to share. Thanks for listening! Chris
  11. SBW #14: Rams hit top two

    Anyone else for a dabble on 'Guess the goal'?
  12. SBW #14: Rams hit top two

    Evening all, SBW Episode 14 is available now in your usual podcast-based receptacles. In our first pod of 2018 we're talking: - Do we dare believe? We take a closer look at Derby's nearest automatic promotion rivals - What sort of team should the Rams put out against Man Utd? - Who's set to leave Pride Park in this month's transfer window? And all the usual nonsense which you know and tolerate. Thanks for listening as ever, Chris
  13. SBW #13: Villa Xmas special

    He only said Millwall and Burton, didn't he? Mark's a bit of a wind-up merchant in the office tbh, it's difficult to always know when he's being sincere. He's knowledgeable and articulate though, and sounded good overall, I thought. I think he said he thought Burton, Barnsley and Brentford would finish below Millwall this season.
  14. SBW #13: Villa Xmas special

    Dunno how I missed that one. I was well chuffed with the Wolves 06/07 answer though.
  15. SBW #13: Villa Xmas special

    I love how seriously you're taking this - it's basically you and a guy on Twitter who get it right every week! Any other takers?

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