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  1. Yeah we should have won 7-0. Steele isn't negative.
  2. I'm sure his name probably appears in the opening credits of Breaking Bad, nein?
  3. I'm sure his name probably appear in the opening credits of Breaking Bad, no?
  4. Yeah, didn't mean to, reading it again Lowe said "broadcaster", wonder if he meant Coles or the BBC actually? Would still be harsh on the boy if he was kicked out though.
  5. I'm laying the blame at Craig Ramage, however Chris Coles has seemingly been accused of being his accomplice, which is very harsh indeed on a young journalist just starting out in his career
  6. Still think it's quite sad that a single paragraph by Max Lowe has seemingly trashed a young sports journalists career, namely Chris Coles, for not challenging the comment, he did nothing wrong and probably didn't even hear Ramage's stupid quote, I didn't first time i heard the quote and I had to listen again before I heard it properly. Feel so sorry for the young journalist, who probably earns in a year what Max earns in a fortnight. Maybe they should have a chat and do what's right?
  7. It's just TV entertainment, she's the pantomime baddie, it's all a facade, she's a nob, but she gets paid for being a nob
  8. He isn't above being criticised. Free country isn't it, everyone's entitled to an opinion on whether they like him or not, he's a public service radio commentator.
  9. Chris Coles shouldn't lose his career because of this, that seems wholly unfair on him. Did he hear him correctly? I had to listen back twice to confirm what I thought I'd heard.
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