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  1. Of course it's fake, Twitter is fake, HITC is fake. Fake news. Put down the handbook and get off the bandwagon.
  2. What did Gibbo do that was so good? Thanks for being proud of us.
  3. Roos deciding to catch instead of punch
  4. philmycocu


    Didn't their old owner Gartside propose scrapping relegation from the Prem.... when they were are prem club? Feel sorry for their fans, and Coventry's, we don't know how lucky we are! Thanks Mel 🖤
  5. Block them B4, and ignore Bris on HITC as well, saddos the lot of em
  6. Frank has more loyalty to his pal John Terry than to us or Mel. If Villa want him that's where he'll go. If they don't then Hi 👋 Ethan, welcome to Derbados!
  7. Erm, I've only ever viewed this forum on an iPhone, stripy one is bottom for me!
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