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  1. I think depriving Lawrence & Bennett of their XBox's is a harsh punishment
  2. Bris is still pretending to be a real journalist by cut and pasting entire stories, an entire DCFC website full of his HITC poo, that's embarrassing
  3. philmycocu

    Belper Town

    I was born in Holbrook, therefore Belper Town is my team 😉 C'mon you yellows (?)
  4. Don't be so ageist! Derby Derby Derby 🥳
  5. No moaning. I think it's great too. Just don't think there's a need for a conductor, or a drum.
  6. Hopefully it works, love the Clough flags
  7. Yeah at the front near the away end, with drummer boy. Songs a bit tame, not a Tired and Weary in sight. Prefer @ossieramand his pals in Upper D block. "Sober, sober Tom, Sober, sober Tom, Sober, sober Tom, Sober Tommy Lawrence" 🎤
  8. The new singing area is a great idea, but jeez that guy in the white t-shirt that had his back to the game for 90 minutes conducting the singing was flippin annoying! Not a flare in sight either, Wisla Krakow we are not 😂 I don't need some young whipper-snapper instructing me how and when to sing "Derby Derby Derby" I've been doing it for 35 years and never missed a beat.
  9. No way he's written that himself. However, hopefully he's learnt his lesson. Don't drive a car when you're p1ssed Mason, it's not big or clever. Don't be a dick again.
  10. Bit of a tangent, but I love that Leeds actually really do hate us now because of last season's shenanigans, it's not one-way anymore!
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