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  1. Imagine the away days in non-league!!! Would be awesome 🐏 much more fun than the Prem probs
  2. Rangers, Wimbledon? If Derby were ever to go pop, I'm sure most fans would get behind a phoenix Derby City FC, especially if they just carried on playing at PPS, we could even re-sign Bradley Johnson.
  3. Pains me to say this, but Leeds are gonna win this league
  4. When I get on the train at Attenborough can all Derby please not presume I'm a red dog, thanks x
  5. A joke's ruined when you have to explain it 🙄
  6. Listening when Eric is on makes BBC Radio Derby Sport sound professional and knowledgeable, with Ramage it just sounds like an amateur laddish podcast.
  7. Dowell has looked a bit poop, but then we were spoilt last season with Mount & Wilson, who would have both shot at goal tonight instead of sideways passing. Early days, hoping he'll come good.
  8. Worst referee performance I've seen since Atwell
  9. Canna wait to have Bogle and Lowe at fullbacks! Max MOTM for me today.
  10. Please take a screenshot!!!!!
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