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    Heisenberg reacted to Boycie in The latest from the club via Chris Coles   
    I’ve spoken to David, he’s done his report, sent it to the club to check it’s ok with them.
    The clubs not managed to get it signed off yet. One can only assume that they have other pressing matters, players contracts etc if you read what Mr Nixon has said.
    I’m assured that there is some further detail to what’s already been released by the Punjabi Rams and Jim Wheeler on Radio Derby.
    I was worried that everyone was waiting with baited breath only for the exact info to be in David’s report that was already out there anyway.
    Please try and see it from his side, he’s piggy in the middle, and wants to make sure everything is ok with what’s in his report.
    As far as I’m aware, due to David having to leave just before the end to catch the last train he missed an agreement to let Jim Wheeler do a piece to RD this morning.
    But, that’s not what we go to the charter meetings for. We go to ask questions and to report to our members, not be a face to a joint statement. 

    David never put our name to a recent open letter to the club, and will never do so.
    So please be patient, the timescale is out his hands, and he’s getting grief left right and centre on Social Media. In my opinion non of the other groups who were there are.  But that comes with us being the biggest group of Derby County supporters on the internet.
    He’s losing his hair, what he has got doesn’t want turning grey.
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from GenBr in Teden Mengi 21/22 season   
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    Heisenberg reacted to i-Ram in Teden Mengi 21/22 season   
    God, we’re 9th. What is the matter with some people? Let him go.
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    Heisenberg reacted to Rev in The latest from the club via Chris Coles   
    If anyone gives @david grief over tonight they're a moron. (Deliberately not tagged to give him a rest).
    The fella has gone above and beyond his duty, after all he's just the owner of the most popular DCFC forum, not a spokesperson for the fans.
    It would have been so easy to either send someone else, or decline the invitation outright, and no one would have called him for that, in fact I'd guess some people would praise him for a principled action, and not being cowed by a NDA.
    Instead he's put himself out, travelled a decent distance, by crappy public transport, and attended what was probably not a particularly pleasant meeting so he can report back to us whatever he's found out, yet he still gets knocked.
    Tbh, if I were him, I'd switch the forum off once I got home and let everyone stew.
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    Heisenberg reacted to Tombo in The latest from the club via Chris Coles   
    Yeah, and I think they'll release their bits tonight as will others I guess.
    Unfortunately David is going to get the wrath of some of our worst fans for the crime of wanting to go home and go to bed before reporting back on what was said.
    Pure brainlessness
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    Heisenberg reacted to Tombo in The latest from the club via Chris Coles   
    This...this is what everyone wanted?
    People complained about the NDA and the attendees being gagged, so they've chosen to allow the fan groups to report back, and that's still not good enough?
    Of all the things you can attack the club for now, you're picking an absolutely rubbish hill to die on.
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from RamontheMoor in Worst Case Scenario   
    That’s a big shame.
    I often enjoy Eric’s views and insight on the game. Did they give a reason why he won’t be appearing as much?
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    Heisenberg reacted to Ram1988 in Worst Case Scenario   
    I think it's due to his coaching commitments with the FA
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from The Scarlet Pimpernel in Worst Case Scenario   
    That’s a big shame.
    I often enjoy Eric’s views and insight on the game. Did they give a reason why he won’t be appearing as much?
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    Heisenberg reacted to cosmic in Derby County Vs Notts County pre season friendly Meadow Lane 1st August 1 pm k.o.   
    Taking the piss out of your own manager purely out of spite is inbred levels of stupid. What a way to get behind your team. 
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from angieram in Derby County Vs Notts County pre season friendly Meadow Lane 1st August 1 pm k.o.   
    Cashin has been superb so far in this half.
    Looked very assured and strong in the tackle. Well done young man!
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from RamontheMoor in Derby County Vs Notts County pre season friendly Meadow Lane 1st August 1 pm k.o.   
    Cashin has been superb so far in this half.
    Looked very assured and strong in the tackle. Well done young man!
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from Ellafella in Derby County Vs Notts County pre season friendly Meadow Lane 1st August 1 pm k.o.   
    Cashin has been superb so far in this half.
    Looked very assured and strong in the tackle. Well done young man!
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    Heisenberg reacted to Rev in Curtis Davies   
    Welcome to the world, Embargo Davies.
  15. COYR
    Heisenberg reacted to Rev in Derby County Vs Notts County pre season friendly Meadow Lane 1st August 1 pm k.o.   
    As someone who makes the opposite journey to matches, get the Red Arrow from the bus station.
    If there's two of you, get a Zigzag duo from the driver, otherwise just buy a Zigzag.
    Get off at the first stop after the QMC, Parliament St outside the stage door pub.
    From there, cross the road opposite a bar called Copper, walk down the hill to the market square, keeping on the right hand side.
    Once at the square, you'll see a parade of shops, a Virgin money bank, and a pub, the bus stop you need is outside, heading to Cotgrave.
    The Old Bell is worth a detour, and there's a nice enough Spoons a hundred yards or so up the pedestrian road between the Bell and the shops.
    Show the zigzag ticket to the driver, and when the stench gets noticable but not yet overpowering, get off the bus and walk over London Road to Meadow Lane.
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    Heisenberg reacted to David in Let's talk about bans, warnings and closing of accounts   
    Let's talk about bans, warnings and closure of accounts, something that I try not to discuss as members are not always aware of what has gone on so a public court is not the way to determine if any warning/ban should be issued.
    I just wanted to be transparent about a few things and it will be a lengthy post, sorry.
    Now you may have noticed Bris Vegas has returned to the forum tonight following a permanent ban, he's not the first to have done and he won't be the last. 
    Not all members that are banned permanently will be allowed to return, this all comes down to the offence and how you react and handle yourself. 
    Without sharing Bris's message, he made a request through another member on Twitter, polite, no insults, that was then forwarded to the moderators room where a discussion is had an a vote. Including myself we have 10 moderators, I abstained from the vote to allow for a majority and as a result Bris was reinstated.
    This is not a well don't blame me, but it's a point that I wanted to share as I have another member later where I have been accused of having an agenda.
    We have had no issues during Bris's ban, there hasn't been an influx of emails and abuse through other platforms.
    The next member I will show you was banned for something that went beyond the forum and a moderators personal life, a member that would never be welcome back on the forum regardless of how they behaved. 
    I have received hundreds of emails from all different email addresses, tonight I was given this screenshot as I have the user banned on Twitter, as I have all his previous accounts.

    As you can see, he still regular reads the forum to be that quick on Bris's ban being retracted. Now, look, I find this funny to be honest, given all the communication we have had, I've warned him that the Police would be contacted which I was serious about, he must think this tweet would somehow change my mind.
    Sorry but no. 
    Putting the offence to one side, sadly we do see this level of response far too often to warnings and bans.
    Absolute full transparency, if you react with any kind of insults, profanity to the moderator or via email to myself following a warning, you will receive another warning immediately which will trigger a ban. And if it's in response to a ban, don't ask a week later to be reinstated whilst it's fresh in our minds.
    All we ask is for some respect, we understand the majority of members will disagree with their warnings and bans, believe me, I wish we never had to give any, but if we are to keep running a platform that welcomes all views (within forum guidelines), from time to time we must issue warnings to remind users of the guidelines, or bans where members have behaved in a way that we do not think are suitable for this forum.
    Whilst I understand we are the most popular forum, and I say this not bragging, but calling it as it is, but we do not hold any members hostage here, there are other forums out there you can use if you do not agree with our forum guidelines or have issues with any of our moderation team.
    Recently we have seen an increased amount of members that have recently requested to close their accounts, this is usually following some disagreement with another member and made in the heat of the moment, tired of the negativity or following a warning.
    In most cases members are given a 30 day cooling down period where if they change their mind, the request is forgotten, However other cases where requests are accepted with immediate effect for a variety of reasons.
    We do not appreciate members that have closed their accounts to return under different usernames shortly after. We understand at times frustrations boil over and I would advise all members that get a little tired of the forum, want out, to just logout, take a few weeks away before deciding to close your account.
    This is not just a forum, but now a community that has been built over a number of years, a community that has seen real friendships that have extended outside of the forum. Having members that have basically given themselves a clean slate, know all the personalities and inside jokes go "undercover" goes against what we are trying to achieve here.
    For those that have made it this far into the post, thank you, I appreciate it as it's been a difficult year for the moderation team as I'm sure you can imagine. I have asked earlier for respect and that works both ways, so when I can be transparent and feel it's important, I will be. 
    With that I am working on a system where members are made aware when their posts have been hidden which will be left with the reason by the moderator. I have been and on forums myself, there is nothing more frustrating when a post is removed and you have no idea why. I get it, and I'm working on it.
    If you have any questions or feedback on any of this, I'm happy to read and respond where I can. 
    tl;dr Take your warnings and bans on the chin, don't abuse/insult moderators and you will be fine. And don't close your account unless you have absolutely no intention of coming back.
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from RadioactiveWaste in Wayne Rooney   
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from Deej in Wayne Rooney   
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    Heisenberg reacted to G STAR RAM in Supporters Charter Meeting Questions   
    It would appear that insufficient due diligence was carried out on the prospective sales to BZI and Erik Alonso.
    Who carried out due diligence and what measures have been put in place to ensure that we are not sold to such an unprofessional outfit?
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    Heisenberg reacted to Tombo in Supporters Charter Meeting Questions   
    Supporters are aware that the club is very much up for sale, but what is the plan for the next few years should a takeover not come to fruition?
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    Heisenberg reacted to David in Supporters Charter Meeting Questions   
    I would like to submit this non football related question, but one that I feel on a human level should be asked.
    Mel, how are you and how is your health?
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Wayne Rooney   
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    Heisenberg reacted to i-Ram in Administration is it the best option now   
    Why is our position anything significant to do with the EFL? Do they own the club? Do they write the cheques? Do they select the players and managers we contract? We are members of the EFL. We agree to, and have a part in drawing up, the rules and procedures of the EFL as members. We even had a senior representative on the board in the last 3 years. The club should operate within those rules, or secure an agreement with fellow members for any rule change that is prohibitive to the success and fairness of the league system.
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    Heisenberg reacted to SouthernRam in Wayne Rooney   
    The man is entirely trading on the back of his name now, if he wasn’t before. Utterly shambolic.
    - Looked lazy and unfit as a player.
    - Undermined the previous manager.
    - Recorded an exceptionally poor run of results as a manager.
    - Instills absolutely no playing style as manager, benching / playing our best youngsters out of position, ultimately regressing their progress and value.
    - A poor communicator, both with the players, fans and media.
    - Repeatedly drags the club’s name through the mud.
    At what point does it become worth shelling out to sack him? Purely from a footballing perspective, we’re crying out for an experienced manager. Rooney has done far more harm than good. If replacing him keeps us up is it really too expensive?
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    Heisenberg got a reaction from I know nothing in When support is needed most   
    As @Rammy03said, as long as the players are putting in maximum effort win, lose or draw they’ll always have support from the stands. It’s the people at the top who I, like many, are sick to the stomach with.
    I’m by no means Wayne Rooney’s biggest fan, and ultimately don’t think he’ll be the man to take this club forward in the long term, but the people above him are giving him absolutely no chance of succeeding in the job.
    WR said in his post-match interview/presser after the Sheffield Wednesday game that circumstances HAD to change from that evening onwards. Two months on, we’re in the exact same position. You could argue that it’s even worse, as the squad is even more depleted since the loanees returned to their parents club and with others being released.
    How has this been allowed to continue?
    After scraping survival by the skin of our teeth the season before, we’re now heading into an Championship season with no recognised central defenders contracted to the club.
    We’re a football club that’s in complete freefall and theres no signs coming out of the club that will end any time soon. MM and SP deserve every bit of criticism (not abuse, let’s make that clear) heading their way. It’s shocking management and the sooner they both move on, only then will this club move in the right direction.
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