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An interview with MLS commissioner Don Garber


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If you wanted to get an idea of where the sport is at in America, this interview is quite solid. Talks about the talent pool, expansion targets, and the season schedule that is completely backwards from the rest of the world.


A quote about the schedule in particular:

ESPN: The calls to switch the calendar keep coming. Is that even on the table at this point?

DG: No. It's not on the table. It will have to be at some time in the future, but I love listening to pundits -- who have no responsibility or obligation to manage our league -- demand changes that could threaten the overall viability of MLS. When we have a league that could play in rain, snow, sleet, or sunshine, and have a fan base that cares enough about their clubs to come out regardless of weather, then we'll be able to adjust to a schedule that will [be in sync] with the world calendar. But I keep hearing that the NFL has people coming out in the snow. I say, "Well, that's great. When we're the NFL, we can play in Montreal in February." But we're just not mature enough yet to do that. And I don't see the value in making those changes when the risk is to potentially threaten the overall viability of the league.

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