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"Selling" DCFC (Marketing, not selling the club!)


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A mate just sent me this link:


Who the hell wrote that text????

"Boasting a multinational squad including Shaun Barker and the safe hands of Frank Fielding, the team put on a display of lion-hearted tackles and buzzcut strikes on a weekly basis, performing under the watchful eyes of manager Nigel Clough."

What the flying fnck is a "buzzcut strike"?? This has to be tongue in cheek surely?

I know there's a Groupon thread already, but scanning it I cannot see any talk about this content.


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"Good deal for any casual football fans or non season ticket holders of either club!

Two tickets to watch Derby County FC vs Leicester City FC

Seats located in a Pride Park home stand"

Who wrote that? If I've got Fester fans next to me I won't be happy!

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