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  1. Hughton: “Derby started defensively with a 541” - eh? 😂
  2. Wish someone had given Kamil a cuddle after the disallowed goal. Heartbreaking stuff 😢
  3. I was concerned we couldn’t keep that up for too long. First time I think I’ve seen that level of pressing this season. Run out of steam a bit. They need to get sucking those oranges.
  4. McCarthy “I think Derby are just starting to shade them now” - Are you serious? Easily the better side.
  5. Chris Hughton this Chris Hughton that. Change the fncking record.
  6. What on earth was that 4th official doing warming up like that?
  7. Any chance we’ve signed someone and it’s not been announced yet? You don’t have to announce by 5pm.
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