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  1. The commentator on 45 minutes “One last opportunity for Derby...” You then hear the stadium announcement “The fourth official has indicated six minutes of added time”. Who is this clown?
  2. It may not be all the thrills and spills of Flash Frank’s work experience era, but, as grim as it can be at times, this feels a lot more honest. The Rooney age is building!
  3. Clarke is immense. Byrne is impeccable. Buchanan is surely destined for big things. Wisdom getting better every game. Superb.
  4. He is weird. His upper half looks like a pea on a custard cream.
  5. Yes I’m p1ssed and have just gone through the after action reports, but honestly, how surreal is it still to see Rooney as the manager of DCFC? We know he’s only here for a short time, but fair play to Mel, he’s attracted big names and raised our profile far beyond anyone else in this league.
  6. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Rooney smile in his time here.
  7. Just tuned in, awesome stuff. But what’s the deal with the pitch?
  8. This is the test for Rooney, how does he adapt.
  9. Why didn’t Cocu take a chance and start Colin? New signing!!!
  10. “I’ve been saying this for months / I said this a while back but got shot down in flames on here”
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