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  1. Reading away - scenes Man Utd away - scenes West Brom away - scenes Chelsea away - almost scenes West Brom home - scenes Leeds away (play-offs) - Colossal scenes Amazing
  2. Total BS! Why no footage of Middlesborough fans? Vile outfit.
  3. Don’t want to p1ss on anyone’s parade or anything... but Leeds now 😬
  4. Best I’ve seen Lawrence play. He’s probably had more on the ball and scored in other games, but he’s just been consistently good in this game and not done the things that usually drive me mad. He’s made a great impact and contribution. Great perofmance.
  5. This is so frustrating. Dominating the game, but no cutting edge. I cannot remember a time or team when our final ball was, consistently, so bad. Great energy, great link up play and then.... poor pass or poor cross. It’s doing my head in.
  6. Sean Maguire looks like he’s transitioning from Sinead Maguire.
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