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  1. How many times has the ball gone in behind the forwards and we’ve had no midfielder following up? Dowell was about 20 yards away from that loose ball following the cross.
  2. The holy trinity of gash: half and half scarf + red dogs + dirties. Horrible.
  3. Impressed with Clarke so far. Could we end up with the best centre back pairing in the division?
  4. Yeah agree, I initially read it as the first time we'll get to see him talking, but of course there's bound to be an interview by DCFC before then. Isn't there?
  5. Weirdly had this pop on FB memories today. TV screen grab I took from the 2014 world cup. Who's game to rock this badboy look against Huddersfield?
  6. You know what, that's nicer to look at than the DCFC website - NO POP-UP VIDEOS! Please start an alternative official site around this look and feel. It's groundbreaking.
  7. This seems odd? This whole saga has been an exercise in waiting. Oh well, may as well start F5ing now. Don't want to miss it.
  8. <a fncking gif that didn’t work>
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