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  1. I'm getting a bit tired of hearing the confidence line. You might well be really confident Wayne, but what is the impact of that? "Confidence is the food of the wise man but the liquor of a fool"
  2. Been a tough season for him especially, but man did he deliver in that game yesterday. Just watching the highlights again. He effectively kept us up. Nearly cut himself in two on the post, scored the header, great hold-up and chest down for Roberts, slotted Jozwiak through and had the balls to hammer in a superb penalty. His Derby career has been a very mixed bag and I feared the worst first minute when the ball pinged about 10 yards off his shin and he went steaming into the challenge, thankfully missing the guy. I’ll take his mixed bag career for what he fid yesterday. I’m qui
  3. Jesus, I only felt 25% of this stress at the play off final. Horrible.
  4. That was almost classic Waghorn, rubber shins then almost breaking someones legs and getting sent off.
  5. I have been there before! Well, not that exact scenario....
  6. One of those rare weekends coming up where it feels like free money....
  7. Why am I still always surprised about how bad we are? I guess I’ve still got that 🙁
  8. I find it amazing that it's possible to be involved with key decisions a football club makes, without ever having to pay pennny or assume any ownership. I believe we were told that they had been consulted on Rooney's appointment, maybe the McClaren one too? Who knows what else? Utterly bizarre. Can we all have a crack? Happy to consult on Waghorn's future.
  9. Byrne is the most consistent player for us in ages. Tidy, uses the ball well, attacking threat and stronger in tackling and heading than you would expect for a little guy. Superb acquisition. Shame he’s not got better players around him!
  10. We are so starved of on field excitement it looks like we are seen as easy prey for the sellers of crotchless panties!
  11. I’ve heard the EFL fit and proper owner test is underway...
  12. The commentator on 45 minutes “One last opportunity for Derby...” You then hear the stadium announcement “The fourth official has indicated six minutes of added time”. Who is this clown?
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