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Out of contract Premiership players


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We could probably get them but I'd say we'l go for none, Cloughie said he was looking to bring young players in from Championship level and lower at the fans forum.

Also in a article today on the DET he pretty much repeated that when asked about the summer signings.

"They are not big Premiership stars that are going to be fishing around and seeing what comes up and waiting for the best deal.

"Look at Wolves and the way they have achieved promotion. You don’t see any big ex-Premier League players in their squad.

"There are a lot of players out there who would give an awful lot to come and play for Derby County.

"What we are going to do is offer players a certain amount which we think is sensible and fitting for them.

"If they say ‘no, I want double that’ or whatever, then we will move on to the next one.

“We want them to come and play for Derby for the right reasons.”

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I would say no - Nigel was adamant the 1st question would be 'Do you really want to play for Derby County' had to be a resounding yes then they wold take it from there + he said there would be no premiership players on big wages coming so i guess that rules most out, he wants hungry young players.

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This is what he said about players coming in.

Fees will need to be paid for those targets currently under contract at their clubs, others will be free transfers.

"The players we want to bring in and the deals we want to do are all achievable in terms of sensible fees, those that command fees," said Clough

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