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if i was chairman.....


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i definately do a Ken Bates and demand to know who are all the cnuts in the directors box.......and I'd charge the bstds.

It was a quarter empty on sat.

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The score board was knackered last season. What do they do all close season?

Except sell advertising space.

Here's an idea! get a screen up, and do adverts at half time.

They're missing a trick. Most unlike the Yanks.

Southampton have a screen, so do the Gay's on the south coast.

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We should have a new scoreboard, but if we were to have a screen would it be where the scoreboard is now, or would it be on the roofs behind the goals like at St Marys, etc?

I'd cut down on all the advertising outside the ground, theres too much and soon you won't even recognize what is behind all the advertising. Keep in minimal and charge more for the space, if all fails just put some advertising in the concourses

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never mind the scoreboard.....who are all the fannies in the director's box who go week in week out without paying a penny?

i want names.

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the directors box should be for......


chairmans bird

potential signings

ex players

ex players family and friends

blokes who've been fans since 1926 and need the loo


people i've met and handed out tickets to who then tell everyone what a great bloke i am

no spongers

no hangers on

no local businessmen who think they're it

no one with a perm unless you sell caravans

no one with a fake tan

no one who might be tempted to close a forum

no builders

no used car salesmen

no bank managers

no quantity surveyors

kevin hector

mrs kevin hector

anyone who kevin hector wishes to invite

red rum


princess stephanie of monaco

igor stimac

mrs igor stimac

igor stimacs girlfriend

igor stimac's other girlfriend

the dali lama

someone in a wheelchair who normally gets a **** view

that sort of thing.....

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