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Night out in Sheffield


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Frog and Parrott, if its still going, as not been for about 5 years, just off West Street/Divison Street area.

Used to sell Roger and Out, barley wine type super strong beer in half pints, that if you drank 3 they'd give you a certificate :)

Also a day trip round Attercliffe is worthwhile, no pubs but Hank Panky for your slinky gear, Big Baps for a sandwich and Fantasia for a massage/rub down. :D

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Been round Sheffield a few times now, but we always end up in the same places.

Anyone got any reccomendations for pubs, clubs, bars, etc?


Check out the Top 20 boozers in Sheff, loads of them are in the city centre - if you value your life though, don't go anywhere the Manor.

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