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Forum Upgrade 10/04/09


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Tomorrow morning (10/04/09) between 8am-8.20am I will be upgrading the forum to the latest vBulletin version, during this time the forum will be switched off for a very short period 2-5mins, you may also experience slow loading times whilst I download backups of the forum.

There will be a few small changes with the newer version although no major changes so nothing to worry about.

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Updates are usually to fix any bugs or security issues that maybe in the script mostly boring stuff, and a few new features are added. The one I have noticed is the quick reply box in the Private Message area, personally I'd swicth it off but theres no option to, no doubt that will be in the next update.

The major changes could happen in the summer when vBulletin 4 is released, they are rewriting alot of the code and the layout will be different. It's always best to keep the software upto date although depending on the changes in VB4 we may end up staying with the final VB3.

I could go all technical on you but I'd bore you aswell as myself, its really not that interesting to be honest.

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