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Matt Tootle - Crewe


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Notice though its only rumours and Gradi says he hasnt spoken to CLough about him.

Dont think it will happen - he has just extended his contract to 2014. Unless that is just to push up the price.

For info - Crewe try and tie all their ex-Acadaemy players on long-term contracts, as it is their main income for running the club.

Matt normally plays at RB - but he was switched to LB for the last game. As stated in a previous post, DG likes playing 'wrong-footed' full-backs.

Probably Crewe's most consistent performer this season.

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Yet another short ar5e????

Don't we lose enough headers and 50/50's??

Not that Tootle shouldn't be given a fair chance. But c'mon, only Brazil can field a team of Dwarves and not get bullied....... How many headers do you see Derby win outside our box?

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