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Match Day Chat Announcement


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Apologies but the Match Day Chat will not be available tonight for the Cardiff game and possibly for the rest of the season until a fix is available for the plugin it uses. I have recieved a email from the host advising me that this site is close to crashing the whole server due to high load coming from the Match Chat Area and it must be disabled or fixed.

The high load was occuring when we was testing it on Monday and with only 3 people using the room, anymore and the site would of crashed.

I've contacted a couple of coding geeks to see if they can take a look and fix it although they are busy geeks so I doubt they will look at it until next week at the earliest.

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1. Have you checked the fuse?

Yes, theres one there.

2. Do your lights work?

Turn the kitchen light on and the bathroom light comes on,turn the bedroom light on and the toilet light comes on. Been like it for years you get used to it after a while.

3. Are the street lights working?

Don't know there not on yet, ask me later.

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