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Medi Abalimba - Gone to Oldham

Hartley Hare

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I always had a problem with people saying he was gone. Never said so as far as I'm aware?

In the Telegraph today, it says his contract was terminated a while ago but we held onto his registration. And his profile disappeared off the OS a couple of weeks ago.

"Terminated" rather than "cancelled by mutual consent"... hmmm, wonder what he did?

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Thanks derbydan. Seems unusual that it was hush-hush at the time. Why would we cancel his contract but keep his registration? (In fact could we do that? Seems like restraint of trade since he couldn't play for anyone else while we held his registration?)

Rushden did it with Leon Knight, that's why he is playing in Ireland. He tried to sign for an English club but Rushden demanded a fee, so he went to Ireland.

Might be a case of if contract cancelled for misconduct...

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